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yes, in various amounts but its always there!
Yes, whenever they get the chance - and sometimes even if they have no chance.

It's all part of the process.

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โˆ™ 2012-01-31 20:34:34
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Q: Do all guys have pre-ejaculate
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If you have preejaculate do you have semen?

If you have preejaculate, yes you can still have semen, but that may not always the case

Can you be pregnant if there is some preejaculate on your pubic hair?


How can you control preejeculaion?

Preejaculate is normal and should not be curbed. It is like watering of mouth.

Are there two kinds of semen?

Yes. Preejaculate and ejaculate differ a little bit.

Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

Can HIV be trasmitted by genital lubrication?

Yes, HIV can be transmitted by vaginal lubrication/vaginal fluids as well as preejaculate.

How much sperm is in preejaculate?

There tends to be much less viable sperm in preejaculate than in actual ejaculate at the end of sex. However, it often contains enough sperm cells to cause pregnancy. Do keep in mind that any fluid from the penis during sex can spread disease. So to help prevent diseases and pregnancy, condoms are always recommended.

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