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Short answer, yes.

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Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, has an atmosphere that is much, much thinner then earth's.

Venus, the second planet from the sun, has a thick atmosphere with large amounts of carbon dioxide. The atmosphere on Venus is so thick and corrosive that only 1 object launched from Earth has been successfully landed on Venus. Durring the 1970's I believe (though I could be wrong on time frame) Russia sent several probes to Venus, most were destroyed in the atmosphere before reaching ground. One successfully landed, and sent back images of a thick yellowish fog, and barren rock. It lasted less then a minute before the corrosive atmosphere destroyed the equipment.

Earth, the 3rd planet from the sun, we know has an atmosphere.

Mars, the 4th planet from the sun, is sometimes called earth's twin. It is significantly smaller, but has much in common with earth. However, its atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and much thinner than Earth's.

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Q: Do all inner planets have atmosphere?
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What does the atmosphere do for the inner planets?

It protects the inner planets from ultraviolet radiation

How do the inner and outer planets atmosphere different?

the outer planets are gaseous and the inner planets are not

What differences do the four inner planets have?

The diffrences between the inner planet are that they all have an diffrent atmosphere

Why do all the inner planets have in common?

The inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are are all relatively small, they are all rocky, they all have a relatively thin atmosphere.

Which planet has the densest atmosphere of the inner planets?

venus has the densest atmosphere

Do all inner planets have a thick atmosphere?

No. Only Venus has a really thick atmosphere. Mars has only a thin atmosphere and Mercury has almost no atmosphere.

How are the inner planets protected from many asteroids strikes?

The atmosphere protects the inner planets the same way as for meteors.

Do only the inner planets have atmospheres?

Negative, not only do the inner planets have atmospheres, but the outer planets also have atmospheres. The masses of the outer planets are great, enough easily to hold an atmosphere. In fact it's Mercury, an inner planet, that has almost no atmosphere. True, Mercury has a less mass and the closeness to the sun make it impossible to hold on a atmosphere. As matter in fact, Mars had a atmosphere, but the solar wind had almost eaten all the atmosphere that Mars had.

The important characteristics of inner planets?

That they all inner planets

Do all of the inner planets have rings?

None of the inner planets have rings, all of the outer planets have rings.

Which 2 inner planets have thick atmosphere?

Venus is one...

Are the inner planets made of rocks?

All the inner planets are rocky or terrestrial planets.

What inner planets are hard and rocky?

All the inner planets are like that

Which group of planets has more in common the inner planets or the outer planets?

All the inner planets are terrestrial planets.

Are all planets alike?

sorta there are inner and outer planets the inner planets are alike and outer planets are alike to but inner and outer planets are different.

Are the inner planets solid or gaseous?

The inner planets all have a clear solid surface, unlike gaseous planets. The inner planets do not have a ring system. The inner planets are of similar densities.

What is the main difference the inner planets and the outer planets?

The inner planets are relatively small and terrestrial, the outer planets are much larger and gaseous. Mercury is the only planet without an atmosphere.

What physical characteristic do the inner planets have in common?

All inner planets have no rings.

What feature do all the inner planets have in common?

None of the inner planets have rings.

Do all inner planets have a thin atmospheric shell?

Each of the four inner planets has an atmosphere, except Mercury. Mercury is too small and close to the sun for its gravity to sustain a proper atmosphere, although a tenius and unstable exosphere it thought to exist.

Are the inner planets made of rocks or gas?

All of the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are rocky planets, although the last three all contain a gaseous atmosphere to some extent, with Earth and Venus having the densest and Earth only containing an atmosphere capable of sustaining life (as far as we are aware).

Do the inner planets have gravity?

Yes. All planets have gravity. Earth is one of those inner planets.

Why are mercuryvenusearthand Mars inner planets?

They are the closest planets to the sun. The outer planets are all gas giants. The inner planets are all mainly solid.

What characteristics do all of the inner planets share?

Inner planets are also known as Terrestial planets which means they all have a rocky surface.

What does the inner and outer planets have incomon?

They are all planets.