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Q: Do all moons rotate around their planet?
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Are all planetary rings at the planet's equator Do any have polar orbits?

No, all the moons and rings rotate in the same plane as the planet itself.

Do Mar's moons revolve around Mars?

All planets moons revolve around their planet, no matter how many moons the planet has. Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos, mean fear and terror.

Does the moon rotate around Jupiter?

The moon we see doesn't, but all of Jupiter's moons do. (About 50)

What planet do The moons of io europeganymedecallisto all orbit around?

They orbit Jupiter.

How many moons are on jupiters?

At this time (mid-2014), 67 moons of Jupiter are confirmed. They are all in orbits around the planet. None are 'on' it.

Why can't you see all Jupiter's moons through a telescope?

because there are a lot of moons that surround Jupiter and they rotate around Jupiter at different paces not all can be seen at the same time

What are the moons that surround Uranus the planet?

The Moons of UranusCordeliaOpheliaBiancaCressidaDesdemonaJulietPortiaRosalindCupidBelindaPerditaPuckMabMirandaArielUmbrielTitaniaOberonFranciscoCalibanStephanoTrinculoSycoraxMargareProsperoSetebosFerdinand27 in all

What planet has rings and 18 moons?

Jupiter has 16 moons traveling around it. Jupiter is our big planet in our solar system.

Which planet rotate on in axis?

All the planets rotate on their axes and it would be a very unusual thing to find a planet that did not rotate.

Do all the planet in the solar system have moons?

No, Mercury and Venus have no moons.

What are 3 distinctive characteristics of orbit of planet and moon in the solar system?

1). They orbit in the same around the sun, and as the sun. 2). Orbits of planets and their larger moons are in just about the same plane. 3). Almost all planets and moons rotate on their axes in the same direction as the planets orbit the sun.

What planet rotates in the opposite direction from the most other planets and moons?

Venus and Uranus rotate in what is called retrograde motion.