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Do all pregnant women spot when they first conceive?

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It is possible to see some spotting...when the placenta is emplanting in the womb (latching on to the side), sometiimes there are some spots.

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You are spotting alittle im trying to conceive you also have sore breast can you be pregnant?

Yes you can be pregnant you have a couple signs you can spot your first couple months and be perfectly normal.

Why are you spotting while im pregnant?

Some women when they first get pregnant can spot, but you should always see your doctor if you are spotting. Please make an appointment right away.

If the first day you spot does that means you are pregnant?


What if you spot for a week can you be pregnant?

Yep. You can spot throughout the whole first trimester....

Could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period i had blood spot for about five days?

could i be pregnant if i had a miscarriage and my first period had blood spot for about five days?

Could i be pregnant when i have this light brown spotting for 2 days after my ovulation?

Pregnant women usually spot after becoming pregnant. My advice is to go get checked.

You think you're pregnant but you havent experienced spotting yet does spotting happen to all pregnant women.?

Not all women spot. Some women will have spotting with 1 pregnancy and none with the next. If you think you are pregnant, see your doctor or get a test.

Does everyone spot when their pregnant?

no everyone doesnt spot while their pregnant.

Can you spot for 5 days straight and be pregnant?

yes. just like many women still have thier period during pregnancy. like me i had my period the first 3 months

What if you get your period how would you know you are pregnant?

Some women do "spot" or have some light bleeding through pregnancy, so it is best to have a pregnancy test to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

Does any liquid at all come out if you're pregnant?

Yes, women can spot during pregnancy and there is also discharge increase.

If you are only spotting are you pregnant?

Yes, when you are pregnant you spot

Can you be pregnant if you spot for one day?

yes you can be pregnant

You have been spotting every other day can you be pregnant?

Yes, you can be. Many women spot the first tri-mester when pregnant. Best way to find out is take a pregnancy test, then call your Dr, or go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center near you for a free test and help.

Can i still be pregnant if i had spotting and a burst of heavy bleeding?

yes maybe some women have periods while pregnant. I had Implantation bleeding which was a spot of blood 2 weeks later got my period don't know if I'm pregnant or not.

Does it mean your pregnant if you spot blood?

Yes, you could be pregnant if you spot a small amount of blood for 1-2 days

What does it mean when my pregnant guppie has a reddish interior on her Travis spot?

It is normal for a pregnant guppie to have a reddish interior on her Travis spot

How can you tell when a veil tailed guppy is pregnant?

There will be a dark spot in front of the fishes anus (cloaca) in a pregnant (gravid) female livebearer. This spot is called the "Gravid Spot".

I think i am 5 week pregnant i have missed a period but i havent experience no spotting is this normal?

Well I would say that you should take a home pregnancy test to make should that you are pregnant but I mean I dont think you have to spot to be pregnant some women spot when the baby inplants but that is like 10 days after having sex! but anyways take a test to know for sure that you are pregnant!!!

How can women get horny?

women pravit spot

How do you know if a tropical female fish is pregnant?

With a guppy you need to look at the gravid spot. This is a dark spot in the fish's belly. A large gravid spot indicates the fish is likely to be pregnant. You can tell how pregnant the fish is by how large the spot is. Sorry I have no experience with other species.

Can a girl spot when pregnant?


Does it mean youre pregnant if you spot while taking birth control?


Am you pregnant if you spot a week before your period?

If you have a period than you are not pregnant

If you spot after ovulation then 9 days later can you be pregnant?

Some women do spot after ovulation and this isn't a indication of pregnancy but 9 days after ovulation you will not be pregnant. It takes in total 12 days or the Embryo to implant and begin releasing HCG. Because of this you can not test till 3 weeks after intercourse.