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Q: Do automotive designers travel much
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Do game designers travel?

no, games designers do not travel. They stay at their industry. They might travel for vacation but, that's it.

How much money do automotive designers make?

The ones that work for Ferrari make millions. The ones that work for Ford and GM just get laid off.

Why is car designing a good choice for a career?

There are several car manufacturers looking for new designers to implement innovative ideas for the automotive consumer market. Car designers are also paid well, and have opportunities to make a large influence on the automotive community.

Where do fashion designers travel?

they travel to places where the company that their company works for

Do fashion designers pay for the travel?

Most of the time yes.

How much do graphics designers make per year?

how much do graphic designers make per year ?

What are some disadvantages of automotive designers?

Not only is it hard to find an opening for this job, but there is so much competition for this job. Not sure if you know this but this job is becoming more and more popular every year because it is a very entertaining job.

Is traveling involved in being a fashion designer?

Maybe. You don't have to travel to design, but most successful designers do travel to promote what the design.

How much money do designers get?

Around 60,000

How much do web designers make?


How much money do Lego designers get?


How much do fashion designers make per minute?

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