Do balanced forces make objects move?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes but they will not make the object start, they will only work once the object is going and will keep the object going the same speed from when the unbalenced forces stop.

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Q: Do balanced forces make objects move?
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What will happen if forces that act on an object are not balanced?

Then the objects will move in the direction of the resultant force.

Do forces make objects move?


How do balanced forces affect an objects motion?

Balanced forces applied on both sides of an object cause it to be still. Unbalanced forces will cause the object to move away from the strongest force.

Do all forces make objects move?


When several forces act on an object and the object does not move can the forces be balanced?

If the object doesn't move, the forces HAVE TO be balanced. There is no other way.

Why don't all forces move objects?

There are many repulsive forces in nature like Friction force and for the movement of the object either in forward or backward direction one needs to overcome those forces.In short unbalanced forces can make things move while balanced won't.

Compare how balanced and unbalanced forces affect an object at rest?

balanced forces don't move an object, but unbalanced forces on an object do move

How do balanced and unbalanced force affect an objects motion?

The motion in a body depends on the the balanced or unbalanced forces acting on it. If the sum of the forces is 0 then it is a balanced force and produces no motion if the sum of the forces isn't 0 then it is unbalanced force. The body will move in the direction in which the force is applied. That's about it

Definition for balanced and unbalanced forces?

Balanced forces are forces that are balanced, so the object won't move. O will represent this. The forces, ---------->O<----------, are the same, so the object won't move. For unbalanced forces, ---------->O<--------------------, The force on the right is stronger, so it will move to the left.

How do balanced and unbalanced forces affect the motion of an object?

Objects move according to their net force, or the total amount of force acting on them. Balanced forces are just that, balanced. An object with balanced forces will not move because the opposing forces will cancel each other out. However, if there are unbalanced forces, the object will move in accordance with the force that is greater. When moving though, there is always friction. Whether you be underwater, on the ground, or in the air there is always friction on the Earth. (Besides vacuums, of course.) Force is equal to mass x acceleration. With that you can find the forces of the object if you know its mass and acceleration.

What are equal forces that move in opposite directions?

Balanced forces

What do all moving forces have?

Forces don't move. Objects move. All moving objects have momentum as well as kinetic energy.