Do bengal tigers eat pandas

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Do bengal tigers eat pandas
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Do Bengal tigers eat their mothers?

Bengal tigers do not eat their mother.

Do Bengal tigers eat carnivores?

Occasionally, Bengal tigers will hunt and eat leopards and sloth bears.

Do Bengal tigers eat bears?

Yes, Bengal tigers are known to prey on sloth bears.

Who eats the Bengal Bamboo plant?

Pandas and other wildlife eat Bengal bamboo.

Do tigers eat panda?

yes, tigers will eat pandas and any other animal

Will bengal tigers eat human?

yes they will

How does a Bengal tigers eat?

Not as often as a lion.

What is the Bengal tiger's regular food?

White Bengal tigers eat the same diet as regular Bengal tigers: They hunt ... also eat food that we would not consider to be the food of a carnivore. Like house cats, tigers ...

Do Bengal tigers eat deer?

Yes Bengal tigers do eat deer they also eat: buffalo wild pigs gaur monkeys sambar bear peacock =)

Do Bengal tigers and meerkat and gorillas and pandas live in the rain forest?

==I believe that all of them do except for the meerkat.==

What do endangered Bengal tigers eat?

There are carnivores , so they eat meat.

What are food do Bengal tigers eat?

Slugs & woodlice