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No. Ionic compounds are held together by ionic bonds.

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Q: Do binary ionic compounds have bonds that share two valence electrons?
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What type of eltron is availabe to form bonds?

In most compounds, valence electrons are involved in forming bonds.

How do ionic and covalent bonds lead to forming compounds?

Compounds are formed by the combination of atoms with bonds. These bonds are formed by the sharing of valence unpaired electrons of both bonded atoms or by the transfer of electrons . This form covalent or ionic bond and compounds are formed.

What are the electrons in a metallic bond called?

The electrons that form bonds are called valence electrons. These electrons are in the outer most shell of an atom.

What are valence atoms?

Valence atoms are actually electrons. These particular electrons are what helps form chemical bonds. They are free to attach to other atoms to form compounds and molecules.

What is the importance of the electrons?

The valence electrons of an atom determine how the element forms chemical bonds with other elements to form chemical compounds.

Which electrons are use to form bonds?

Valence electrons are used to form bonds. These are present in outermost shell.

How many bonds does carbon usually from?

4. Carbon has 4 valence electrons and it rarely forms ionic compounds or compounds with fewer than 4 bonds (though it's possible).

What are electrons are used in bonds?

valence electrons

What type of electron is available to form bonds?

Valence electrons-electrons that are farthest from an atoms nucleus- are the electrons that form bonds with other atoms.

The ability of atoms to combine with other atoms is determined by?

The number of electrons of both atoms and its valence number.

Valence electrons in covalent bonds?

Covalent bonds are formed by sharing electrons of the valence shell.

Why carbon atoms cannot form ionic bonds in its compounds?

carbon atoms cannot form ionic bonds because it can neither gain or loose electrons as it has 4 electrons in its valence it share its electrons which forms covalent bond.