Do birds eat airsoft bbs

Updated: 10/24/2022
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No, birds do not eat Airsoft BB's. But they are made of non-toxic plastic and would not harm them if they did. They would simply come out the other end in the course of nature.

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Q: Do birds eat airsoft bbs
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What is the difference between airsoft bbs and regular bbs?

Airsoft bbs are made up of plastic and are 6mm in diameter and are .24 cal, BBs however are metal and are .177 cal (4.5mm)

What airsoft bbs should you get?

Type recommended by the maker of the airsoft.

What are the best airsoft bbs for the crosman stinger p9?

The stinger p9 is good with .12 gram airsoft BBs or you can use .25 gram bbs but then it will decrease the range.

Can you use caliber bbs for airsoft guns?

you can not use metal bbs in airsoft guns at all. they are not compatible because they are both built differently.

Can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun?


Are .25g airsoft bbs good for any airsoft gun?

yes they are very accurate

Are 25g airsoft bbs good?

.25 Airsoft bbs can be good. Their weight is very good for accuracy and helps for a harder hit from the bbs. However, no bb is good if they are not high polish. Companies like Madbull and Matrix make good .25 bbs.

Can airsoft guns hold all types of bbs?


Can you use metal bbs in an electric airsoft gun?


Where can you find cheap airsoft bbs online?


Can you use 12g bbs in an Airsoft Tornado grenade?


What kind of bbs does the Colt Double Eagle airsoft gun hold?

standard 6mm plastic bbs.