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No; electromagnetic waves - this includes light - are always transverse waves.

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Q: Do both sound and light travel in air in longitude form?
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Can both light and sound travel through glass?

Both light and sound can indeed travel through glass. These are substances in which light and sound often travel through.

Which travels sound or light?

Both light and sound travel. Light travels the fastest.

How are light and sound similar?

They both travel fastly

What are similarities of light and sound?

They both travel in the form of waves, and they both travel very fast.

What do sound and light have in common?

they both can be reflected sound would be reflected as an echo and light like when you flash a flash light at a mirror

How are light and sound alike?

Sound and light are VERY Different. They are both waves... But light can travel through a vacuum and sound requires a medium (matter... Ex. air or water) to travel through. Also they are 2 different kinds of waves (Light~ Transverse, and Sound~ Longitudinal) Though there are some similarities. Both are waves. Therefore they have wavelengths, frequencies, amplitudes, and speeds. They both can be measured also.

What does sound have to travel through?

Sound and vibration are both mechanical vibrations of a medium, and thus demand a medium for their travel. Note- they vibrate the medium - they are not independent of the medium as is light.

How can you tell from a thunderstorm that sound waves and light waves travel at different speeds?

The speed of light is 300,000 km per second where as that of sound is simply 330 m/s. So we first see the lightning and hear the thunder sound a little bit later. This confirms that both light and sound travel at different speed

Does a radio wave travel faster than a sound wave?

Radio waves are sound. Therefore, yes, by definition, they travel at the speed of sound.

Do light and sound both move in waves?

Light and sound both move in waves. Light is much faster than sound. Light waves are smaller than sound waves.

How do different kinds of materials affect the behavior of light?

Sound and light are both forms of energy that is carried from one place to another.they travel in all directions from the source.

Similarities between sound and light?

both are enegyboth refractionboth reflectboth travel in wavesboth are very fast