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They are cousins and sometimes hang out together but i dont know if the live together or are in the same community. :-P

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Q: Do bowhead narwhals belugas live in the same commuity?
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What kinds of whales live in the North Pole?

belugas, bowheads, and narwhals

What anamals live in the tundra?

Animals like penguins, polar bears, walruses, belugas, narwhals, and seals live in the tundra.

Where do the belugas live?

they live in cold places:)

Do narwhals live in salt water?

narwhals do live in salt water

What do baby narwhals do once there born?

they live baby narwhals live

How old can narwhals live to?

narwhals can live as long as 50 years

Where do bowhead whales live?


Bowhead whales where did they live?


Where does a bowhead whale live?

the arctic

Why do narwhals live in the Antarctic?

There are no Narwhals in Antarctic waters.

Do narwhals lay eggs or have live young?

Narwhals give birth to live calves.

Do belugas live only in China?

No,they live around the world.

Do narwhals only live in the north pole?

Narwhals live in the Canadian and Greenlandic Arctic waters.

How old can belugas live up to?


Do narwhals live in warm areas?

Narwhals do not live in warm areas! They live in a icy areas, where there is alot of ice and cold water.

Do bowhead whales live alone or in groups?

bowhead whales live in groups up to 60 but 60 is rare so it's most common from 1-14

Do narwhals have friends?

Narwhals live in groups of their own kind, called pods!

Do narwhals live in ponds?

No, Narwhals live in Artic oceans alongside Canada, Greenland, Norway, Antarctica, and Russia.

Do narwhals live in the rainforest?

No. Narwhals -- whales -- do not live in tropical climates. They live in the Arctic Ocean Near Greenland and off the coast of Canada.

Where else do narwhals live?

Narwhals live in the Arctic Ocean around Greenland, Eastern Canada and other Northern Countries.

How long can narwhals live for?

i dont know but i do know the narwhals tusk is a horn from the unicorn!

Do narwhals live in the ocean?

Yes, yes they do. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. Except they exist.

How long narwhals live for?

i dont know but i do know the Narwhals tusk is a horn from the unicorn!

Do dogs eat narwhals?

Narwhals are not dog's natural prey (narwhals live in the ocean and dogs live on land). However, presented with narwhal meet I am sure a dog would eat it.

Do narwhals live alone or in groups?

They live in groups.