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No, they don't

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Why don't bull frogs sleep?

it is what it is

When do frogs sleep?

Frogs sleep when they are left alone

What do bull frogs look like?

Bull frogs look like frogs but just a little diferent.I hope you like the answer.

Do bull snakes eat bull frogs?


How big do Bull Frogs get?

Bull frogs can get up to eight inches! There the largest frog in North America!

How many bull frogs are left?

there are known to be 16,000 bull frogs left in the whole wide world

Do frogs eat grasshoppers?

Frogs eat grasshoppers. At least i know bull frogs and wood frogs do.

Do frogs eat scorpion?

Probably not, but some frogs can. For example, Bull frogs eat anything they can.

Do bull frogs eat chipmunks?


What is the sack under a frogs neck called?

I thought it was called a bull but I may be wrong because some frogs are called bull frogs. I may be wrong but I think it is correct

Do frogs sleep durring the day?

no, frogs do not sleep during the day they sleep a lot if they are left alone for a while they fall asleep.

What type of frogs do foxes eat?

I thik bull frogs but im not sure

Do frogs sleep?

Frogs are actually half nocturnal. They sleep somewhat in the morning and VERY little at night.

What do frogs sleep in for hibernation?

frogs usually sleep under rocks,deep lakes or maybey a pond!.....=/

How many hours do frogs sleep?

Frogs sit very still with their eyes closed so it is assumed that they sleep but no-on knows how long they sleep for.

How many chromosomes do bull frogs have?

they have 13

Are bull frogs skin bumpy?


What do frogs do when hebernating?


Where do green tree frogs sleep?

they sleep in Rainforests or mangroves.

Where do frogs sleep?

frogs usually like to sleep on something solid and heavy....a rock or branch i have 2 leopard frogs of my own and you don't think they sleep at all but the odd time you catch them snoozing and their always on the little rock that we have in our little fishtank when they sleep

When did sitting bull live?

sitting bull did sleep on wood

How do you get rid of frogs and lizards?

Chicken or Bull Snakes

How many babies do bull frogs produce?


Do frogs sleep with their eyes open?


Do frogs sleep in the winter?

Frogs don't sleep during the winter. They go into hibernation, which means they are dormant for long periods of time.

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