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Cassowaries are birds so, like all birds, they have feathers. Only mammals have fur.

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They're birds - they have feathers.

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Q: Do cassowaries have fur or feathers?
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Do they have fur feathers or wings?

they do not have feathers fur or wings

Does a gannet have fur or feathers?

No they don't have fins, feathers or fur.

What is the covering of a cassowary?

Cassowaries are birds: therefore, they have a covering of feathers, as all birds do.

Do Eagles have fur?

Eagles do not have fur. Eagles have feathers.

Why have birds feathers and not fur?

birds have feathers and not fur because fur is heavier than feathers and would restrict them from being able to fly

Does the cockatoos have a fur feathers or what?


Does white bait have fur feathers or fins?

does white bait have fur feathers or fins

What is the difference between feathers and fur?

Feathers are more resistant to water than fur

Does a dotterel have feathers fur or fins?


Does dotterel have fins feathers or fur?


Does a hyena have fur or feathers?

A hyena has fur.

How is the fur of a woodpecker?

Woodpeckers have feathers, no fur