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they would like to be in a dry place because if they get wet they will die

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Do caterpillars like dry or wet places?

Caterpillars like dry places because if they get wet they will die

Do lizards like wet or dry places?

Lizards like dry places. but they also like water.

Do worms like dry or wet dirt?

the worm likes both wet and dry dirt but it will perfer the wet dirt.

What was the mayans civiliation climate like?

Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet & Dry, Semiarid, & Subtropical Dry

Dose men like it when the woman is wet in sex or dry?


What is it like in a tropical wet climate?

In a tropical wet/dry climate there is hot summers and cool winters and there is dry summers and wet winters

What is soil like in Nevada?

wet and dry

Where most like live the fungi to wet or dry surface?

Wet surfaces.

What is wet but is not wet but is dry but is not dry?

Something that is damp or emptiness. These two things are not wet or dry.

What is wet and dry cut of hair?

Wet they cut wet after shampoo-dry they cut it dry

Why do worms like wet soil?

so they do not dry out

What is tropical dry and wet?

Tropical Wet and dry is a place that is hot all year with rainy and dry seasons. It is grassland with some trees. It has animals like giraffes Lions and Zebras! Like the Savanna!! :)

What is the difference between wet rocks and dry rocks?

Wet rocks are WET and dry rocks are DRY :).

Do girls like guys with wet or dry hair?

I personally like it dry... wet makes it look greasy and create the appearance of much much lighter skin.

Why is the wet monsoon wet and the dry monsoon dry?

a wet monsoon is wet because water blows in from the ocean. a dry monsoon brings dry air from the Himalayas

Why is wet sandstone heavier than dry sandstone?

Water fills the pore spaces between the sand particles, making is heavier.

Is it wet or dry?

wyoming is mostly wet than dry

What is the difference between wet and dry sieve analysis?

wet sieve analysis is wetdry sieve analysis is dry

Do snails like wet or dry surfaces?

Damp areas.

What is Greece's weather usually like?

Mediterranean dry and wet

Do goats like wet or dry food the best?

ask it

Do the tropics have wet and dry seasons?

Yes it has both wet and dry seasons . In the summer its dry. during the rainy seasons its wet .!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does hermit crabs like wet or dry habitat?

Wet because the humidity needs to be 70-80%.

Do coconut trees like dry or wet climates?

coconut trees like wet climates because they live in the rainforest and by the ocean

Is the Savanna dry or wet?

The savanna can be dry or wet depending on the climate