Do coal miners mine for coal?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Yes, coal miners mine coal.

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Q: Do coal miners mine for coal?
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What do the coal miners do after they mine the coal?

they go home and get layed

Who were most of your laborers?

Most of the laborer workers were mine workers/coal miners in the year 1877. The mine workers consisted of coal miners and coal technicians in the late 1800s.

Why coal mining is dangerous?

The biggest danger in retreat coal mining is the miners are removing coal pillars as the miners "retreat". The removal of coal pillars, which support the mine's roof, can cause mine collapse.

What happens down the mine?

The miners get coal from down the hot old stinking mine

How much is coal miners retirements?

Sadly unless it us a union mine (there are very few now) coal miners don't get retirements, barely even benefits.

Were the Seven Dwarfs brothers or just all coal-miners?

It is not stated if they were brothers. They did all work together in the coal mine.

What is a coal mine?

A coal mine is a place where coal is dug out of the earth. Some mines are completely underground and depend on tunnels to take miners to the coal. Other places, known as strip mines, are open pits in the ground where the coal is dug out.

What kind of mine was the Chile miners in?

a coal mineAnswer:The San José Mine near Copiapó, Chile is a copper and gold mine (primarily copper).

Are there any African American Coal Miners in America?

There are, but when they come up from the mine you can't tell the difference.

Was workers on strike any time in 1920?

The 1920 Alabama coal strike, or the Alabama Miners' Strike, was a statewide strike of the United Mine Workers of America against coal mine operators.

Is there anthracite coal in Colorado?

Yes. My client has a large Anthracite mine in Colorado.

Can you write a Sentence using the word emerging?

Yes: Miners emerging from a coal mine at the end of their working shift are generally blackened from coal dust.