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no, colleges only look at your high school transcripts.

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No, only high school I think.

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not at all

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Q: Do colleges look at 5th grade grades?
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The American teach the colleges to learn how to read .And I'm in the 12th grade . U need help 5th grades and you got a weekly Reader JUst look up this. weekly reader .com

What is considered gifted grades for fifth grade?

There is not one set "gifted grade". If a student is performing well above what is required for their certain grade, then they can be moved up to gifted grades, including 5th grade.

Can 5th grades get good grades?

Yes,5th graders can get good grades. All you have to do is work hard and study. Plus, if you remember stuff for tests, hopefully you'll get a good grade. 

Im ten my grades are 5th grade math and 4th grade reading thes are my grades my grade?

Wording in question unables me to answer.

What is 5th grade intervention?

It's where you go to a class and they help you with were you can get better grades.

What are the grades required for being in honor role?

for 5th grade 93 for an average or above

What grade do you start getting real grades?

In my schools it was 5th grade for me. 2nd grade for me, tho they didn't explain the % system till a bit later.

How many grades did Joseph H Brown School have when it was built?

Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Are these considered gifted grades for fifth grade?

All A+s would be considered grades for a gifted5th grader. There are tests that can be given to test a gifted 5th graders IQ and grade level. Often gifted students will test at higher grade levels.

What grade in school do they study the Lewis and Clark Trail?

In Calif. we study them in 5th, 8th, and 10th grades.

How do you get good grades in 5th grade on your report card?

just study and their is no fear to worry all the best me

How do you get popular in fifth grade?

Well you work and your teachers grade them and they go into the grade book and your teacher hands out the report cards and you get yours and you find out what your grades are and i know because i was in 5th grade once