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There is a distinction that needs to be made by use of the word "volunteer" in military terms as supposed to civilian, which is that in civilian life the word tends to mean un paid, whilst in a military context it refers to reserve forces (who are paid). Territorial Army battalions, for example, are suffixed by the word to distinguish then from their regular army collegues. If, by use of the volunteer, the distinction is being made between a conscript and a willing recruit, then the answer is no, an officer would not salute a member of a civilian organisation, however a regular army officer would be required to salute a senior ranking TA officer. I believe they should... as I am a St John Cadet my self (aged 13) I believe that it is just polite. As we give up are free time to help the public and provide first aid for communitys and everyone who is in need of first aid.

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Q: Do commisssioned officers from the the UK's armed forces salute officers from other volunteer organisations eg St John Ambulance?
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I'm trying to figure this out too. From what I've read it varies greatly by state, county, town, etc.

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You don't dispute the charge. You thank the officers for looking out for your child, regardless of whether or not you feel it was justified. It is unlikely there are grounds for dispute. The party who will be responsible for paying charges will be the parent(s) or legal guardian of the minor child. What actions might be taken if the charges are not paid would be the decision of whomever operates the ambulance service.

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