Do coyotes live in the Sahara desert?

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No, coyotes are found only in the Americas.
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What are the people that live in the Sahara Desert?

The people that live there are nomads. Nomads are people that moveplace to place looking for food, water, and land for his/her stockof animals. The ancient Egyptians held the scarab beetle in reverence because the insect's newborn seemed to appear spontaneously, as if by magic. (In fact, newborn hat ( Full Answer )

What animals live in the Sahara Desert?

A variety of animal species live in the Sahara Desert, where in itsdry interior, or along the edges. There are some 70 species ofmammals and at least 90 species of birds, while another 300 speciesof migratory birds are found in the Sahara. There are also numerousreptiles, amphibians and a range of i ( Full Answer )

How do people live in the Sahara desert?

I guess they did drink alots of water People lived on the edge of the desert thousands of years ago . since the last ice age. The Sahara was then a much wetter place than it is today. Over 30,000 petroglyphs of river animals such as crocodiles survive, with half found in the Tassili n'Ajjer in sou ( Full Answer )

What trees live in the Sahara Desert?

Trees that live in the Sahara Desert include palm trees anddifferent types of gourds. There are also various types of grassesand cacti found in the Sahara.

Do people live in the Sahara Desert?

The Taureg , the Berber people , and the Beja populate theSahara. Millions of people live in cities and towns located in theSahara.

Do cheetahs live in the Sahara Desert?

Yes, cheetahs do live in the Sahara Desert. Originally cheetah were found all over Africa and Asia as well as parts of Europe, and even America. They went through a bottle neck in earths recent history, getting down to a very low number (some suggest just a pregnant mother). The cheetahs of the ( Full Answer )

Who lives in the Sahara Desert?

There are less than two million people who live in the SaharaDesert. They are mainly Berbers or Arabs. Most of them live nearwater sources or move about very frequently to be near one.

How many people live in the Sahara Desert?

Estimates on the population of the Sahara Desert vary from between 2.5 million to 4 million people. Thousands of people live in the sahara but most are very poor and have diseases. they do not get much water or mendicine so they die

Where do people live in the Sahara Desert?

Most of those who live in countries covered by the Sahara Desertlive in North Africa along or near the Mediterranean coastline Most people in the Sahara desert live near the Nile River because it is one of the only reliable water sources.

Do hawks live in the Sahara desert?

Yes. The avian species in the Sahara desert include raptors like hawks and falcons. There are also secretary birds, guinea fowl, ostriches and desert eagles.

Why do people live in the Sahara desert?

Because there are a lot of people who dont have anywhere else to live..... Because they are nomads...which means they wonder around from place to place, its their life style

What mammals live in the Sahara desert?

The Fennec fox is one. DIET: lizards,birds,bird eggs,rodents and berries HABITAT:They make their homes in burrows underground and sleep during the day. It is the smallest member of the Canidae family. Dogs,wolves,coyotes and foxes are also part of the Canidae family. The Fennec fox is about 15 ( Full Answer )

Do alligators live in the sahara desert?

it's never possible. the heat from the sand is far too hot for any animal that walks, with it's belly.. to last 8 hours in the's one of the hots spot in tropical Africa

Do coyotes live in deserts?

Yes, coyotes live in the deserts and almost any other area of NorthAmerica, including in towns and cities. Yes they do, they also live in forest's , and some mountain's.

What is a reptile that lives on the Sahara Desert?

Over 90 species of reptiles live in the Sahara desert. Manylizards, snakes and turtles. I have specifically seen the EgyptianCobra and the Silver Krait ( a small but deadly snake more commonto India )

Why does the coyote live in the desert?

Coyotes live in a variety of habitats including deserts, forestsand grasslands. They are even found inside some major cities. Theyare an extremely adaptable animal.

What fox lives in the Sahara desert?

The Fennec Fox, but it has also been known to reside in Saudia Arabia. The Fennec Fox, but it has also been known to reside in Saudia Arabia

Do kangaroos live in the Sahara Desert?

No. Kangaroos are only found in their native state in Australia. The Sahara is in Africa. Secondly, kangaroos do not live in the sandy desert, even in Australia, as there is insufficient food for them there.

Do frogs live in the Sahara desert?

Yes, frogs are found almost everywhere between the Arctic and Antarctic Circles (with a few species beyond) except at the very high (over 3 miles) altitudes.

Where do people live in Sahara desert?

People have to live by a water source or they need to bring their own water so it can last them. They can pitch a tent outside and bring there own food but they have to live by a reliable water source or they cant live anywhere else! ;)

How do animals live in Sahara desert?

Many animals only come out at night to avoid the heat of the day. Some conserve water, and get most of their moisture from food. Many animals will dig burrows or steal burrows from others to shelter out of the sun. There is some shade provided by low bushes and animals gather there. Sand vipers s ( Full Answer )

Do cacti live in the Sahara Desert?

No, cacti are natives to the Americas only. If any are found in theSahara they were planted there and not natural.

What are the advantages of living in the Sahara desert?

The advantages to livng in the sahara desert? It's quiet and serene. You can say that you live in a place where great civilizations used to live in. There aren't as many crimes in the desert. I'm guessing that people would be more healthy or fit because main food is fruit and nuts, and people in the ( Full Answer )

Where do the people on the Sahara desert live?

From what i have learned, the people in the Sahara desert are nomads moving from place to place in search of water and ON THE SAHARA DESERT........READ A HISTORY BOOK AND STOP BEING LAZY! LEARN IT LIKE THE REST OF US DID.BY READING A BOOK ON HISTORY

What coyotes live in deserts?

There is only one species of coyote and it has adapted to live in avariety of biomes, including the desert.

Where does a desert coyote live?

There is no 'desert coyote.' There is but one species and it can befound in a variety of habitats, from deserts to grasslands andforests. They are even found in urban areas. A number of years agowe were camped at Furnace Creek in Death Valley and a coyote walkedright into the middle of our camp and ( Full Answer )

In what desert do coyotes live?

Coyotes live in all North American deserts as well as in almostevery biome on the continent. They have also adapted to living inurban areas.

How does the Sahara desert impact who live there?

Its impacts the people their by.they need to think of different ways to get water and get food or how to grow crops but crops can grow their so they either have to adapt,leave,or die.

Do rhinos live in the Sahara desert?

No, Rhinos need savanna grass to eat and the Sahara desert does not have enough for them. However before the Sahara region became a desert (10's of thousands of years ago), there is evidence that Rhinos were indigenous to the area.

Do coyotes live in a desert?

Yes, coyotes live in the desert. I have seen them even at a campground in Furnace Creek, Death Valley.

What carnivores live in the Sahara Desert?

Carnivous animals of the Sahara Desert include the spotted hyena, desert fox, common jackal and Libyan striped weasel. Carnivorous birds include the desert eagle and the Nubian buzzard. However, this writer saw a female cheetah and her cub in the Atlas Mountains, so the cheetah must also inhabit the ( Full Answer )

Do coyotes live in the Mojave Desert?

Coyotes are found in all deserts of North America, including in theMojave. They are quite adaptable and live in almost every biome,including in urban areas. I have camped in Death Valley of the Mojave Desert and a coyote marched right into our camp, stopped for a minute or two to look us over, and ( Full Answer )

Do roadrunners live in the Sahara desert?

Roadrunners do live it deserts, but what I found was that they live in southern states of The US, and South America. They could live in the Sahara, but probably not.

Do desert tortoises live in the Sahara?

Gopherus agassizii, the desert tortoise,does not live in the Sahara. It is a native primarily of theSonoran and Mojave Deserts of North America. The African spurred tortoise ( Centrochelys sulcata )does live in the Sahara, however.

Is there people living in the Sahara desert?

Yes, there are people living in the Sahara desert. In fact, since the Sahara almost completely covers several countries, there are several million people living in the Sahara.

Do coyotes live in the desert biome?

Coyotes live in nearly every biome, including deserts, as they arequite adaptable. They are even found in urban environments.

Do coyotes live in North American deserts?

There are a some who do, but only where they can hunt for food. Surpisingly, many coyotes these days live in towns and cities. There used to be a coyote living in Yankee Stadium in New York.

What cacti live in the Sahara desert?

Cacti are native only to the Americas. Any cacti that might befound in the Sahara are transplants, probably prickly pear, thatcan quickly become a pesky invasive weed.

Do all coyotes live in the desert?

No, coyotes are found in a variety of biomes, not just the desert.The are also found in some urban areas.