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Q: Do crabs eat krill
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Do seals eat crabs?

They are known to eat lobsters,krill,crabs,fish, and shrimps.

Do crabs eat barnecles?

Crabs do eat other crustaceans like barnacles, krill, shrimp and crayfish.

What type of crab does a blue whale eat?

Blue whales eat krill not crabs.

What do crab seals eat?

Crab Eating Seals DO NOT Eat Crabs, They Eat Krill, But Also Fish.Despite its name, a crabeater seal eats krill.crab squid and krill

What whales are omnivores?

None of them. My friend told me that they were but he was wrong. Whales eat squid, fish, krill, crabs and worms.

Do stingrays eat small fish?

Yes . they also eat crabs, crustaceans, krill, mollusks, clams and oysters.... Sorry for my spelling

Do any whales eat algae?

Whales do not eat algae. They do feed on shrimp, krill, plankton, crabs, larvae and other types of aquatic life forms.

What does the rock hopper penguin eat?

Rock Hopper penguins don't even know what cream soda is they eat rock crabs, krill, fish and squids.

What eats plankton?

Whales, seals, zooplankton, scallops, krill, crabs, oysters, and other plankton all eat plankton.

What do pufflings eat?

Puffins eat a main diet of fish, krill, and ocean plants in the water. The parents eat that, and feed it to their chicks, so that is what pufflins eat. And the parents will also eat crabs, and shrimp if it is found.

Do seals from Antarctica eat krill?

Yes. Leopard seals and Weddell seals eat krill, which form the base of the food chain in Antarctica.

What do crabs like to eat?

You can feed them algae wagers, specialized crab food, dried bloodworms, shrimp, and blanched vegetables and krill.

What do krill eat in antarctica?

krill eat phytoplankton

Does squid eat krill?

yes they eat krill & fish

Why are krill's important to the marine ecosystem?

Krill convert phytoplankton into whale food. The krill eat the plankton, the whales eat the krill.

What whales eat krill?

The Planktin Whales eat Krill.

Do starfish eat krill?

Yes starfish does eat krill:)

Do birds eat krill?

Most seabirds eat krill especially in Antarctica were albatross and penguins thrive on krill

Which group of whales eat krill?

humpback whales eat krill

Do thresher sharks eat krill?

No thresher sharks eat krill

Does a seal eat krill?

it depends on the seal but some eat krill. The leopard seal dose not eat krill and eats fish and other seals

Did crabs eat dead human body?

yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them!

Do sea birds eat krill?

Sea birds, such as albatross and petrels, do eat krill. Krill are a type of small crustacean. Krill are found in ocean around the world. Another animal that eat krill is the blue whale.

How much fish do whales eat?

They do not eat fish. They eat krill. Wikipedia search: krill.

What kind of fish eat fish that eat krill?

Lots of fish eat Krill!=O