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Sure, if they are finely chopped enough.

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Q: Do crickets eat finely chopped carrots?
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How do you make a birthday cake for your horse to eat?

mix carrots and apples chopped finely, mix it with oats, molasses, and chef yeast. ;)

Can leopard gecko eat carrots?

NO! They can only eat insects such as crickets, mealworms, and dubia roaches.

What kind of plants do tiger salamanders eat?

They don't eat plants. They eat chopped up earthworms and crickets smaller than their head.

Do goldfish eat vegetables?

Yes they do; they like cooked de-shelled peas, cooked & finely chopped green beans, lightly cooked spinach, raw romaine lettuce, raw zucchini, and even peeled, de-seeded and finely chopped oranges.

Can carrots be gold?

Carrots are too fibrous for a goldfish to eat. Instead, you can feed cooked & de-shelled peas, cooked & finely chopped green beans, if you have a veggie clip you can feed them raw zucchini sliced in half with the inside facing the fish, romaine lettuce, or even some raw spinach.

Can hamsters eat bell pepper or carrots?

im not sure if they can eat bell pepper. i perfer not to but hamster can eat carrots. They can only eat a little because it can upset its stomache. you should have them chopped up and you can only feed them 1 teaspoon

Do tortoises eat lettuce carrots and crickets?

tortoises eat lettuce and carrots, but I would hold off on the bugs. Try feeding it (if you have one) salads or go to a pet store and get dry turtle/tortoise food for him/her.

Is there any other extra food that goldfish eat besides flakes?

A goldfish can also eat cooked de-shelled peas, cooked & finely chopped green beans, lightly cooked spinach, raw romaine lettuce on a veggie clip, raw zucchini (not the skin), and they even like peeled, de-seeded & finely chopped orange

What types of food does goldfish eat?

Goldfish can eat floating or sinking pellets, or flakes, but they can also eat cooked & de-shelled peas, cooked & finely chopped green beans, romaine lettuce raw & placed on a veggie clip, raw zucchini on a veggie clip (not the skin though), lightly cooked spinach, and even finely chopped oranges that have been peeled & de-seeded.

What do crickets do in the daytime and what do they eat?

crickets eat other bugs and lettus. and grasshoppers eat grass and carrots and broccolli. crickets in the daytime hunt for food and eat each other if food is scarce and also will fight grasshoppers i had a pet grsshopper we name him hoppy then we let him go now we have crickets and im going to keep them tell the end of the school year my friend cyrus had found him at the bus stop i now kepp 13 crickets in my bedroom it is hard keeping grasshoppers/crickets and there are many ways they are different

How much can lizards eat?

Depends on what kind of lizard it is. For instance baby Horned Lizards eat harvester ants (5+ at a time) while Chameleon will eat crickets and chopped up worms. What kind of lizard do you have?

Can you feed a anole lizard baby carrots?

No. Anoles eat insects. If you have a pet anole you can feed it crickets, which are commonly sold for that purpose at pet stores.