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Yes! They do, crickets live outside at all different temps. So they must like room Temp.

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Q: Do crickets like the heat
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Do crickets like heat?


Do crickets like light or dark?

It depends on the type of cricket. Camel crickets do not like light but house crickets and field crickets do.

Do crickets attack anoles?

It depends how many crickets there is, if there is like 10, they may attack your anole but and if there is like 3 or 4, the crickets cannot harm you anole.

Do crickets prefer fresh or dried fruit?

Crickets like both equally

I have little brown looks like crickets in the basement but they don't chirp what kind are they?

Camel crickets

What are crickets allergic to?

!. Crickets need warmth 2. Crickets need food 3. Crickets need water 4. Crickets need a good place to lay eggs

What does a cricket look like?

There is a wide range in different types of crickets. There are; Cave crickets, Camel crickets, Spider crickets, Mormon crickets, Jerusalem crickets, House crickets, Field crickets, and Sand treaders. Crickets belong to the animal kingdom and classified as insects. Their phylum is arthropods.

What are large crickets?

large crickets are just a different kind of cricket. just like a shoe size is large or small, their are large and small crickets as well.

What are facts about a cricket?

crickets get eaten by anoles crickets eat grass when they are big they look like roaches

How do crickets taste?

They taste like nuts.

Do fence lizards eat worms?

No. They like alive insects like a cricket. You can get crickets at a pet shop by the tube. If you are trying to feed your lizard worms run to get crickets. Make sure you have water and heat the inside of their aquarium for them. Also at the pet store you can buy a hot rock.

Where do crickets like to live?

They like to live in dry or damp places