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Yes, crocs do make your feet sweat. Do not be fooled by the holes haha. Anyway, my parents both wear them at home and after like 30 minutes, there feet were like waterfalls, No joke

YES: I used to own them and they really made my feet sweat.

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In order to make your feet sweat less, try putting some baby powder on the soles of your feet before you put on your socks and shoes. The baby powder will absorb the sweat.

because your feet sweat and the sweat sits there and releases a gas to make the smell. Thank you for using

for me, running shoes, especially without socks on. Flats also make my feet sweat but not as much as runners

Thats a decition that have to be made by the person who will be using the crocs. It might cause sore feet and if they are not treated properly infection might occur.

No Just the feet because they sweat and then they make that terrible smell in yours socks or your feet

Yes, Crocs has a wide variety of kids shoes to choose from.

There are 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet.

Feet sweat because there are many small penis's under your feet and when you run, it is equivalent to masturbating your feet.

Your footwear is the most essential part of your wardrobe, fulfilling fashion and fun in every step. A comfortable shoe can make or break your busy day, and there’s no better choice to pamper your feet than slipping into a pair of Crocs. Tried and true, the Crocs shoe cradles your foot in support while allowing your skin to breathe, creating one of the healthiest environments for your hard working feet. Not only regarded as one of the most comfortable shoes ever made, Crocs comes with an attractive price point to allow you to build your closet with all the latest styles and colors. Low cost and durable, a pair of Crocs may be the best investment you can make into your feet. Crocs shoes are the number one choice for professionals and those who are on their feet all day demanding ultimate support and performance from their shoes. Nurses, doctors, teachers and tradesmen turn to their favorite pair of Crocs for the soothing foot bed and cushioned all-day support. Crocs are plentiful for every season and weather condition with cozy removable insoles to keep your feet warm in winter and open breathable ventilation to keep you cool in the summer. Choose from a rainbow of pop art colors or choose your Crocs shoe collection in neutral shades to blend with everything in your closet. Black and brown Crocs never go out of style, and a few pairs in bright orange or yellow are just the ticket to add the finishing touch to your color coordinated outfit. Don’t let the cost fool you. Cheap Crocs may be low on price, but they are high on performance. One of the best values on the shoe rack, a pair of Crocs will last you for years, retaining its support, and cradling your foot in comfort. Slip your bare feet into a pair of summer Crocs, or choose Crocs with socks when the weather is chilly. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself in a pair of Crocs, so be bold as you dare with color and style while giving your feet the first class treatment.

Cats sweat from the pads on their feet. They are unable to sweat elsewhere.

They don't sweat at all.

Our feet stink because of germs and sweat, although exsist some types of feet sweat smell, which does not stink.

Because feet sweat...?

yeah because naturally leather makes you sweat

Crocs offer therapeutic benefits for many people with foot problems. The Croc company has their RX line that offers antibacterial protection as well as support and room for those with feet problems.

Yes they do because his converse are tight which make his feet smell and at the bottom of his jeans are rolled up to make his shoes tighter and sweatier

some of them do, especially after wearing them a long time. Leather allows your feet to breathe but with hot weather they'll still sweat, and that will make your feet (and sandals) smell.

Dogs do not sweat from their necks or bodies like humans do. They are different. They sweat from their tongues and from their pads and feet.

No, but alligators are found in Mississippi.

People generally have stinky feet because of sweat. The feet can produce up to a pint of sweat per day and that can cause bacteria to form. That bacteria will consume the sweat which will cause them to excrete a very strong odor.

Your body cannot "sweat out" an infection at all.

A pig only has one sweat gland, the nose

You have about a quarter million sweat glands on your feet.

If you have athlete's foot disease, yes. But if there is no sign of infection, then your feet simply sweat a lot, causing the bad odor. Try soaking your feet in warm tea! The tannic acid from the tea will make your feet a little tougher and your feet won't sweat as much. Then sprinkle plain baking soda in your shoes to absorb the excess sweat. It will keep your feet dry and absorb the bad odor as well.

No. Your feet will sweat if the socks are thicker, or have more man-made fibers, but the color is irrelevant.

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