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Yes, 7% (I just signed up and that's what they told me)

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2013-06-18 22:13:00
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Q: Do cvs employees get a discount with t mobile wireless?
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Do cvs employees get a discount with at and t wireless?

yes we do 25 percent off monthly

Do cvs employees get discounts on new vehicles?

Does cvs employees gets discount on new vehicles or demos

Do cvs pharmacy employees get a discount with sprint?

Yes. 21% discount

Do cvs employees get a discount with at and t?

Yes it's like an 18% discount

Do CVS pharmacy employees get a discount with Verizon?

CVS/Caremark employees get 20 percent off data portion only.

Do CVS Pharmacy employees get discount on car rentals?

Yes! Call each company's toll free number.

What auto insurance companies give CVS employees a discount?

I found a great site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

What holidays does cvs pharmacy pay employees?


Does cvs pharmacy sell virgin mobile phones?


What benefits can a cvs pharmacy employee get?

20% discount on CVS purchases Actually this answer is incorrect. As a CVS employee you receive 20% off of name brand items and 30% on CVS brand items. And the "Generic" lately has been more reliable than the so called name brands. In addition if your store is an excellent store for 6 months in a row you receive 50% off all private label items. No one else does that for their employees.

Does CVS carry discount supplements?

CVS ( has full-service pharmacies and smaller outlets that have basic products. The store brand has a line of inexpensive supplements.

What is a sentence using the word discount with a proper noun?

The Big Dollar Discount Store has some good buys. At the CVS Pharmacy, they always ask if I have a discount card. As an employee of Macy's, I get an employee discount on purchases.

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