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no they dont, why because the substances in coal are more than diamonds if you compare them

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Q: Do diamonds have more substances than coal?
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More valuable coal or diamond?

Diamonds are more valuable than coal.

Are diamonds nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs?

This is a lovely way to think about a diamond.

Botswana is wealthier than Malawi largely because Botswana has?

Although it is smaller, it has more natural resources, such as diamonds and coal.

Diamonds and coal both made of what?

Carbon!!!! Carbon has three allotropes, they are Diamond Graphite (coal) Buckyballs ( Buckminster Fullerene).

Why is diamond more dense than coal?

Because a diamond has more carbon bonds than coal. Carbon bonds are very strong and can only be broken in one direction. Diamonds have 3 carbon bonds, which makes it very hard. Diamonds can only be cut in one direction, that is because of the number of carbon bonds.

Why are diamonds more expensive than cz's?

Diamonds are more rare than CZs.

Are diamonds more valuable than emeralds?

are diamonds more valuable than emeralds

Are black diamonds more rare than regular diamonds?

Black diamonds are more rare than regular diamonds. They are one of the most rare species of colored diamonds.

How many years does it take for coal to change into a diamond?

It would be highly unusual if coal ever turned into diamond. Diamonds are formed only at depths in the crust of more than 60 miles. Coal on Earth does not exist at anywhere near this depth.

Is coal also known as black diamonds?

The term 'black diamond' can be applied to coal, meaning the monetary value of this natural resource is genuine and real. However, in the world of gem stones, there is a black diamond -- properly Carbanado -- which is a diamond that is black and more porous than diamonds of other colours.

Are diamonds more valuable than golds?

Yes, by weight, diamonds are more valuable than gold.

Are manufactured diamonds more valuable than mined diamonds?

Natural diamonds are more valuable than manufactured diamonds, most of which are made for industrial applications, not for use as gemstones.