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Graphs and graphing are an important part of medicine. This is because graphs are used to test new medicine and monitor risks.

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* yes! because doctors have to use graphs do show the your record from every year you come for a check up.

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Q: Do doctors use graphs
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What do doctors use graphs for?


How do doctors use graphs?

measure diffrent types of medicine and to see how far to cut into someone during surgery.

What are the three types of graphs scientist use?

Pie Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Line Graphs are three graphs that scientist use often.

Why do scientists use graphs?

Scientists use graphs to organize data.

How do mathematicans use graphs?

Mathematicians use graphs to illustrate information.

What type of graphs use categorical data?

bar graphs use categorical data

Where do you use graphs in day to day life?

Architects and if you study Geometry you will have to use graphs.

What are three types of graphs scientist commonly use?

There are many graphs which while you can usually use most of them no matter what experiment you are doing that is not always true, nor is it the right use of a graph. some of the most likely graphs you will probably come across , or for that matter need to use are bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, and picture graphs.

Why do you use line graphs?

You use line graphs to see how something changes over a period of time , Such as weeks,days,months,or even years . We use line graphs alot!

Difference between line and bar graphs and pictographs?

bar graphs use bars and pictographs use pictures

Why does data presented in a line graphs?

line graphs are usually the most best way to present data. sometimes i use pie graphs or bar graphs, but usually line graphs are the most meaningful.

What graph do you use to compare?

Bar graphs, pie charts, and even line graphs can all be used to compare. I personally like to use Bar graphs when showing numbers.