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No dos do not have an Adam's apple.

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โˆ™ 2007-06-03 13:42:02
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Q: Do dogs have atom apples
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Are apples okay for dogs?

As far as I know dogs can have apples but not grapes.

Are apples poisonous to dogs?

No, apples are not poisonous to dogs. The seeds in the apple are just unhealthy.

Should you give dogs apples?

i stongly support giving dogs apples because if apples help humans and over all teeth it will help whiten dogs teeth

Are apples safe for doges to eat?

Yes, dogs can eat apples.

Do dogs have adams apples?


Can you feed dogs apples?

Yes they are. There are even recipes of dog food with apples..

Do girl dogs have Adams apple?

NO girl dogs do not have Adams apples

Can dogs eat apples with the skins on?

YES but not the seeds.Yes dogs can eat apples. Make sure you core the apple before feeding you dog as the seeds contain arsenic. My dog loves apples, but not all dogs do. So it will depend on your dog, but apples can be a delicious and nutritious snack.yes dogs love applesthis is also very good for them.Think of it this way most of the time whats good for you is good for your dog so yes it is fine apples are very healthy..............My dog loves apples!!!!!!!!!Don't let your dog eat too many though. Dogs can get sick from apples if they eat too many.

Are apples bad for dogs to eat?

Dogs can eat apples and pretty much anything we can, except for chocolate and a lot of sugar can be very bad for them.

Do apples clean dogs teeth?

Apples work somewhat but rawhide or a heavy knotted rope work better to clean a dogs' teeth.

What fruits do dogs eat?

Apples are fine. Don't ever use grapes for dogs.

Do dogs have Adam's apples?

Yes, it is called the larynx.

What does Dlja mean?

dogs like jucie apples

Are apples bad for dogs?

NO. Apples are actually good for preventing lawn burn from females urinating on the grass.

Will green apples hurt dogs?

Only To some dogs but to dogs like labs or pugs they will not hurt them put to small dogs they might

Can dogs eat apples like horses?

no because dogs have smaller mouths than horses

Can pitbill dogs eat apples?

Meaning can they eat apples as in are they allowed, or as in eating them without getting sick? Yes, pitbull dogs can eat apples, they generally love them to, but that's based on the pitbulls liking for that paticular food. Peace xXPeace_SceneXx

Can German rottweilers puppeies have apples?

Sure, apples are a good source of vitamins which a lot of dogs enjoy snacking on.

Is it safe for dogs to apples?

I assume you meant "eat apples" and the answer is yes I feed my dog fruit all the time.

Similarities between dogs and apples?

They are both multicellular lifeforms.

Will red apples hurt dogs?

depends how hard you throw it

Is it ok if a dogs to eat apples?

Yes, but not the seeds of the apple.

Are apples good for dogs?

Yes the are but don't give them to many or the seeds. I only want the best for dogs.

Can dogs eat pineapples?

Yes dogs can can have pineapples. They can also have bananas, apples and strawberries and other berries as well.

Are peeled and cored apples toxic for a dog?

I have been feeding apples to my dogs for breakfast for the past 7 yrs. I only use organic apples and use a veggie spray when cleaning them. I have a dog with kidney disease and was told by my nutritionist they are very healthy for the kidneys. I have 6 dogs and they all have been eating apples for years. Never a problem and I do blood work on everyone once a year. Anytime you feed your dogs fruit, make sure you peel the skins off. Dogs can't digest skins.