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Yes they do. Claws to be exact, which is another form of nail. They also need to be clipped on a regular basis as well.

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Q: Do dogs have nails or claws?
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Do dogs have nails?

Yes, dogs do have nails, although they are also known as claws because of the curved way they are shaped.

Are cheetahs nails claws or nails?

Claws becuz they need claws to get there food not nails

Why do dogs have nails?

Since the nails are curved the correct name is claws rather than nails. They have claws for a variety of reasons with the main ones being: defense, to help hold down prey, and for digging purposes.

Do dogs have toe nails?

Well, yes and no. Basically the dog claws are toe nails so yes. But also they don't exactly cover the foot so no. dogs don't really have any toes, really. But claws are as close as they can get

Why do wolves have nails?

Wolves have nails (a more appropriate word would be claws) so they can grip things better. Wolves also use their claws to rip open flesh of their prey. Another way to find out why wolves have claws, is to find out what dogs have claws for.

When do you cut dogs claws?

Because there claws grow continously and if you don't it becomes painful for them and they can harm themselves. why do you cut your nails? Get the point... = )

How many nails should a dog have?

Typically, a dog has five toes on each of its front paws, and four on each of its rear paws. Each of a dog's toes is clawed. This gives dogs eighteen 'nails'. Some dogs have dew claws on its back feet also, which would mean the dog will have twenty claws or 'nails'.

Why do dogs have toe nails?

Dogs have claws (/ toe nails) because during evolution they were deemed to be useful and thus they were kept instead of being discarded. Claws help dogs grasp objects, climb up on surfaces (like furniture), and hang onto surfaces like seats in a car. A dog's claws can also be used as tools for digging for food or burrowing animals and for fighting other animals by scratching or slashing. Some cats may be declawed, but I don't recommend removing a dogs claws/ toe nails because: 1.) Claw removal would be very painful for the dog and could cause unnecessary stress and/ or trauma. 2.) Dogs have claws for good reasons (listed above).

Why do dogs have only 4 nails?

Dogs have five claws (nails) and not only four. A dew claw is similar to a thumb -- complete with a toenail -- but it grows a bit higher up on the paw than the rest of the toenails on that paw.

Do dogs have paws?

Yes, dogs do have paws, just like most of all the other warmblooded mammals! Their paws contain 5 fingers with long nails on them. The "long nails" are called, 'claws'. I hope this answered your question!

Do hedgehogs have claws?

No, they have nails.

What are animal's nails?


How many nails does a tiger have?

A tiger has zero nails.Cats, whether big or small, do not have nails. They have claws.Nails and claws are very different things and serve very different purposes.The front feet have five claws. The rear or hind feet have four claws.That is 18 claws all together.

Does a horse have claws?

No, a horse does not have claws. Instead it has something similar to our nails.

Do chimpanzees have claws?

Chimpanzees do not have claws but have nails instead. They do not need claws to survive. Claws are used to catch and hold on to preys.

Do axolotls have toenails?

No, they do not. Only reptiles, birds, and mammals have nails or claws. Amphibians and fish do not have any claws or nails.

Do cats lose nails?

they dont have nails-they have claws, and i think it is possible.

What are dogs claws called?


Do hedghogs have claws?

they nails that are not sharp

Animals have these in place of nails?


Do bats have nails?

Yes, bats have nails on their feet and the claws tipping their wings.

Do lizards have nails?

Yes, but they are called claws.

Why do cats claws come out and in from their paws?

Well it's like the way we have hands and nails so there claws are there nails so they kinda come on the cats command

Do snapping turtles have claws?

Snapping turtles have nails as a common mistake people think they have claws.

Do all rodents have claws?

Yes, all four legged animals have claws. Primates have flattened versions of claws called nails.