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No, the 3DS charger is different than the DS charger. However, the DSi charger (as well as the DSi XL) is the same as the 3DS and 3DS XL

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Q: Do ds chargers work on 3ds?
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Does a DS Lite car charger fit a 3DS?

DS lite chargers do not fit a 3DS.

Does the Nintendo DS headset work for the 3DS?

The Nintendo DS headset does not work with the 3DS.

Does Action Replay DS work on 3DS?

No, the action replay for the Nintendo DS will not work on the 3DS.

Does the Nintendo DS lite use the same charger a Nintendo 3DS?

No, the chargers are different.

Can a normal DS charger work for a 3DS?

No. The regular DS/GBA charger, and the DS lite charger, do not work with a 3DS. But the DSi charger does.

Why can't 3DS games work on DS?

because the 3d games are only built for the 3ds but the ds games will work on the 3ds but they won't be in 3d

Why can't the 3DS game fit into the DS slot?

3DS games are specifically designed for the 3DS, and won't work on an older DS.

Can a 3DS connect with a DS lite?

Yes, you can. The 3DS can link with the DS to play DS games but the DS cannot play 3DS games so linking for 3D games will not work.

Will action replay ds work for 3ds?


Do Nintendo 3ds games work on all ds consoles?

No, 3DS games only work on the 3DS and 3DS XL as well as the 2DS

Do dsi games work on 3ds?

Yes, dsi games works on the 3DS also DS games work on the 3DS.

Will a DS game work on a 3DS with 3D on?

When using a regular DS game on the 3DS, the 3D slider does nothing.

Can Nintendo DS games go into Nintendo 3DS?

almost every DS game works on the 3DS, one game i know that does not work on the 3DS is guitar hero DS.

Will a Nintendo ds light charger work with the Nintendo ds?

No, they are different chargers.

Does pokemon white work on the 3DS?

All DS games can be played on the 3DS, but the 3D function wit work 3DS games.

Does pokemon black only work on the ninendo 3DS?

Pokemon Black is a regular DS game and will work in any DS, DSi or 3DS model.

Is the R4 compatible with the Nintendo 3DS?

No, not the original R4. The original only works on the DS and DS Lite. There will probably be one released someday that looks like the R4, but it won't have anything to do with the original. R4 DS card only work with DS and DS Lite,But R4 3DS card will work with 3DS,it include R4i SDHC 3DS,R4i gold 3DS. R4 3ds card supports the 3ds system devices, but only play ds games.

Do 3d ds games work on a dsi?

Sadly, it wont work. the 3ds will work on regular ds games.

Does the 3ds take different games then the ds?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS (as well as the 3DS XL and 2dS) has its own 3DS games that will not work for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL.

Does Pokemon white work on US 3DS?

All Nintendo DS games will work on the 3DS, however they will not be in 3D.

Do intendo3ds games work in a dsi?

No, they only work on the 3DS platform. But, you can play DSi and DS games on your 3DS.

Could Mario Kart 7 work with DSi in Ds download?

No, it is a 3DS game, it can only do DS download with another 3DS.

Can final fantasy for ds be played on 3DS?

Yes, Final Fantasy III and IV for DS, both work fine on a 3DS.

Can a Nintendo DS charger work for a DSi?

No. A Nintendo DS or DS lite charger does not work on any other system. The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DS XL systems have the same charger.

Can British DS games be played on an American 3DS?

Regular DS games from the UK will work on a 3DS from any region, including the US. It is only the 3DS games that are region locked, so a UK 3DS game would not work.