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Any condom that has lube is going to be a water based lube.

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Q: Do durex condoms have water based lubricant?
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Is Durex lubricants water based?

is durex lubricants from china safe to use

What should you lubricant the nasopharyngeal airway with before?

Water based lubricant

Will cocoa butter used as lubricant cause a condom to break?

It could because Coco Butter often has a lot of oil depending on the brand and oil-based products cause condoms to wear down. Water-based lubricants are best.

What should you lubricate nasophrynegeal with?

Water-based Lubricant

What should you lubricate the nasopharynheal with?

Water based lubricant

How do you get THC off of hands if you touch it?

WD 40 works, oil based lubricant, use without water, then wash of the lubricant.

Which cream should i used during the sex?

If you use condoms, then water based creams should be used. Oil based can cause harm to the latex used in condoms.

What should you lubricate the nasopharyngeal airway with efore inserting it?

water based lubricant

Can a gay man use hand lotion as lube for sex?

Not if he is using a condom or is needing lubrication inside his or someone elses body. It will irritate the tissue and there's a bigger risk for the condom to break. For condoms there are special lubes so the rubber wont break.Never use hand lotion or any other substance as lubrication if you are wearing a condom. Since oil and lotions are non polar, it will dissolve the non polar latex condom as well. To be safe, always use a water-based lubricant when having sex. Good brands of water-based lubricants include KY Jelly, Astroglide and Durex. Although some condoms may contain some lubrication, this is not sufficient for anal sex since the anus and rectum does not release its own natural lubrication.

If you use water as a lubricate will it kill the sperm?

OF COURSE NOTWater is water. You need to use real lubricant.Anyways lubricant doesn't even kill sperm.It's just for the taste and to make the penisslimy so it can easily go in the vagina.The purpose of lubricant is to lubricate and cause less friction. The purpose of spermicide is to kill sperm. K-Y jelly is a lubricant; it is not a spermicide. Some condoms have lubricant and spermicide. Most need more lubrication.

How does water lubricate joints?

Technically speaking, lubricant is a substance that reduces friction between objects. Albeit water is not a great lubricant at all, in the term though, yes water is a lubricant. There are many great lubricants which are water (aqua) based.

What is the best sex lubricant?

Water-based lubricants are good for condoms, but dry up and require re-application. The famous AstroGlide costs less than $10 per bottle, and works wet slippery wonders! Silicone-based lubricants are also safe with condoms and won't dry up, but they'll require clean-up with soap and water. Wet Premium Platinum Personal Lubricate is on sale and free shipping from Amazon. Natural lubricants are coconut or jojoba based, here's Passion, for just $10 and eligible for 2-day shipping on Amazon.