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yes earthworms have babies. Earthworms carry both male and female reproductive parts --they are hermaphroditic. Two worms line up side to side with their heads at opposite ends. Huge amounts of mucus secrete from the worms, passing the male sperm from one to the other. When the worm is alone it then secretes another mucus ring which slides over the worms body in which the eggs cling onto which then fertilizes them. Then the eggs slip off the worm's body and is left in a cocoon with is left in the soil.

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How do earthworms give babies?

They lay yellow eggs that after time they hatch

What are the similarities of a earthworm and human's reproductive system?

similarities: earthworms have babies and humans do too. differences: earthworms lay eggs while humans obviously cant lay eggs

How do earthworms have babies?

Earthworms have both male and female reproductive organs, meaning they have egg cells so they can make a baby, But they also have sperm cells. Earthworms "trade" or give their sperm cells to one another and because they have egg cells they can fertilize the egg and have a baby.

What is the function of the earthworms clitellum?

Reproductive system - it forms cocoons (sort of like eggs) where new babies will "hatch" from.

Do earthworms have brains?

Earthworms do have a brain.

Are earthworms mammals?

No, earthworms are invertebrates.

Are earthworms detritivore?

Earthworms ARE detritivores

Are leeches earthworms?

No, leeches are not earthworms.

What bacteria are in earthworms?

The bacteria in earthworms is called Eisenia Fetida it's in most earthworms

How does an earthworms body work?

durkheim and earthworms

Do earthworms have poison?

that i know of, no earthworms are not poisonous.

Are earthworms multicellular?

Yes, earthworms are multicellular.

What class are earthworms in?

The Earthworms is in the Oligochaeta class.

What is an earthworms habitat?

what continent does earthworms livfe on

What does an earthworms anus do?

they dispose waste of the earthworms.

Earthworms-where does must chemical digestion take place?

what is responsible for chemical digestion in earthworms

How and why do earthworms shed their skin?

Earthworms do not shed their skin. Earthworms are not snakes and their skin actually grows as they grow larger. Earthworms do shed bits of waste material.

Why do gardeners like earthworms?

Gardeners like earthworms because earthworms fertilize the soil like in gardens.

Where do earthworms live in Alaska?

Earthworms live in glaciers.

Are earthworms invertebrates or vertebrates?

Earthworms are invertebrates. They have no skeletons.

What and how do earthworms eat?

earthworms eat decayed plants

Do mosquito fish eat earthworms?

no they love earthworms

Different types of earthworms?

there are 24 types of earthworms

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