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Do ferns have pollen?

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No, ferns do not have pollen. They reproduce with spores.

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No, ferns do not produce pollen. Pollen grains are produced by seed plants only. Ferns produce spores in the sporangium.

Gymnosperms have seeds and pollen grains whereas ferns are without seeds and pollen grains.

No..because ferns don't have flowers,only flowering plants can produce pollen

Non-vascular plants such as mosses and ferns have Spores. Pollen - Flowering, vascular plants (angiosperms)

to hold on to the pollenFerns provide shelter for many animals they also provide food. They help prevent erosion, and have medicinal proposes. Humans can eat certain ferns and even use some to build. Fossilized ferns are used as coal now. I don't know if they hold onto pollen but i suppose they could.Some people grow them because they are very decorative.

ferns make spores. they are similar to seeds, but much different. spores have a sperm and an egg in them and they fertilise each other a seed is more of an embryo

No they produce seed and pollen. Non-flowering plants such as ferns and mosses produce spore

Mushrooms reproduce by their spores while ferns reproduce by pollen, but only in spring.Mushrooms grow in hot humid areas, while ferns grow in warm sunny places.

Some species of ferns are ladder ferns,bird's nest ferns and royal ferns.

There are 20,000 species of ferns. Ferns are vascular.

Pollen sticks to the hairs. This not only helps in collection but also in pollination as any pollen missed by the bee rubs off in the next flower. ---- The hairs on a bee are plumose -- that is, they are branched, like tiny ferns. When the bee is in flight, the hairs build up a small charge of static electricity and this attracts the pollen grains to the hairs. The bee can then brush the pollen back to the corbiculae (pollen baskets) on the back legs to carry it back to the hive.

It depends on the type of plant. Some rely on wind, animals, and other pollen dispersion vectors. Others, such as ferns and moss, reproduce asexually by distributing spores.

Ferns are seedless vascular plants.

no, ferns have rhizomes

yes, ferns have roots.

No, "ferns" is a plural noun.

Ferns belong to pteridophytes

Yes they are along with sword ferns and licorice ferns

No, Ferns are Vascular Plants.

No, ferns DO NOT produce seeds.

Yes, ferns are vascular plants.

ferns do have vascular tissue

Pteridology - study ferns and its relatives

Ferns are plants, they lack motion.

Ferns are eaten by deer.

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