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If it red ferns then no only angels plant it.

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No, ferns can grow in a wide range of environments including temperate forests, tropical rainforests, and even arid regions. They are adaptable plants that can thrive in different climates and conditions.

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Q: Do ferns only grow in tropical places?
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Do ferns grow in the Amazon Rainforest?

no only in south west Asia

How do red ferns grow?

In the end of the book, according to an old Indian legend, red ferns can only be planted by an angel

Can you get Malaria in tropical places?

Malaria is the disese endemic in tropical countries only.

Why can cocoa trees only grow in tropical areas?

Because( well dont put because in the the beggining part of your sentance but, They only grow in Tropical countries because thats were it usaully rains :)

Are ferns small plants that can only grow low to the ground?

Most ferns are around 12" to 30" tall. They do give a dense cover, but are not considered ground cover because of their height.

Why is chocolate grown in hot countries?

Cocoa plants, from which chocolate is harvested, thrives and survives better in hotter climates.

Do molds only grow in houses?

NO. Mold can grow many wet places

What do ferns rely on the sexual reprodution?

They both use spores!

Do all trees grow from flowers?

Of course not! Only Anginosperms have flowers.All other plants do not have,ferns,pinus,pogonatum,seleginella

Do evergreen trees grow in Hawaii?

Evergreens do not grow in Hawaii because evergreens only grow in temperate places.

Were in Hawaii dothe giant ferns grow?

The only place I've ever seen them is in the jungle in Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii.

What do ferns have A cones B rhizoids C spores D seeds?

Ferns have spores as a major characteristic. Spores are dropped from the sporangia on the underside of the frond. They look like brown colored dots or lines, so they could be mistaken for plant rot. Collecting spores is the only way to grow your own ferns.