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Yes, the butterfly fish does.

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Does a sea anemone eat fish?

No, sea anemone do not eat fish. Sea anemone eat small bacteria that grows on them.

Is sea anemone fish?

No. It's a sea creature, but fish have gills and a tail. Believe it or not sea anemone eat things like fish, but not clown fish. A sea anemone is usually a clown fishes home!

Do clown fish eat sea anemone?

No, they hide in it for protection. Clown fish AKA Anemone fish live in a symbiotic relationship with sea anemonies.

Do any fish eat sea anemone?

Butterfly fish and Sea Slugs. Very few and rare.

How do Sea Anemone adapt?

The Sea Anemone uses clown fish to clean it and the clown fish uses the sea anemone for protection.

Why do clownfish live in sea anemone?

Clownfish live in sea anemone because they are benefited by the sea anemone. The sea anemone are also benefited by this relationship. This is called mutualism. The clownfish are the only fish in the sea that are not stung by the sea anemone's long tentacles. Clownfish eat other fish leftover from the anemone. Anemone on the other hand are benefited because they get better water circulation from the anemone swimming around.

What does the clown anemone fish eat?

The anemone fish eat plankton and algae.

How do clown fish and sea anemone interact?

the clown fish provides the sea anemone extra food and protection, while the sea anemone protects the clown fish from larger predators.

Do white sebae anemone eat fish or seahorses?

Yes they do eat sea horse and fish but only small fish like gold fish

Why do sea anemone and a damselfish live together?

Symbiotic relationship, the anemone protects the fish from predators because of its stinging tentacles and the fish will return to the anemone with food to eat and spill some into the anemone which feeds it. The fish is protected by a slimy coat which stops it becoming anemone food.

What do Clown anemonefish eat?

The Clown Anemone fish is a type of fish who relies their safety to other creatures in the sea. Usually Clown Anemone fish eats plankton or algae.

Do barracudas eat clownfish?

Clown fish is dependent on the Sea Anemone for protection and food. The Anemone paralyzes the fish and eat and the Clow Fish will eat the remaining bits and pieces. As for Barracudas eating Clown Fish, it is possible, but Clown Fish are usually not eaten by other fish because they stay safely tucked into the stinging tentacles of the Anemone.

Interelationship between hermitcrab and sea anemone?

the truth as it seems is that there is not an interelationship with a hermit crab and sea anemone but there is one with the sea anemone and the anemone fish

What niche does clown anemone fish have?

Clown Fish eat mysids, isopods, zooplankton small invertebrates which otherwise potentially could harm the sea anemone.

Is the sea anemone a fish?


What is a clown fish diet?

Clownfish live in a symbiotic relationship with a Sea Anemone. They eat undigested bits and pieces that could possibly harm the sea anemone. Then the anemone eats the harmless faeces of the Clownfish.

How do clown fish live in sea anemones?

The clown fish have an immunity to the poisonous sting of the sea anemone. The clown fish protects and cleans the anemone while the anemone protects the fish from other predators.

How does the sea anemone help the clown fish?

The sea anemone helps the clown fish by providing protection. It provides a safe place to return and the anemone helps the clown fish to get food.

Is the relationship between the clown fish and sea anemone a symbiocis relationship?

is the relationship between the clown fish and sea anemone

What is the symbiotic relationship between clown fish and sea anemone?

The anemone will protect a clownfish, the only fish that the anemone will not sting.

How does clown fish sea anemone benefits the clown fish?

The clown fish is immune to the sea anemones poison, and the clown fish hides in the sea anemone for protection while it eats.

Why is a clown fish able to live in a sea anemone?

A clown fish is able to live in a sea anemone because the clown fish's body is immune to the sea anemone's poison, therefore, will not be affected by the sea anemone.

What do jellyfish and sea anemone eat?

Jellyfish and sea anemone eat fish. Like most aquatic animals, they will eat pretty much anything that is in a suitable size range, not too large to overcome, and not too small to matter.

What symbiotic relationship does clown fish and sea anemone?

The sea anemone helps the clown fish stay away from predators and the clown fish help the sea anenome to breathe

What do sea anemone eat?

Crabs,sea urchins,isopods,amphipods,plankton,and small fish basically whatever they can catch.