Do flatworms molt?


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No they don't molt *

*to molt it means to grow out of its skin

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toads do molt then they eat there molt

Butterflies do not molt. They will only molt in their caterpillar stage.

They do not and can not molt. "Molt" means to shed hair, pythons have no hair.

Flatworms can have segmentation. :)

what are the characteristics of flatworms

They do not molt. They are not reptiles.

They do not molt; they shed.

Zero times the ants molt. Ants do not molt.

Yes flatworms are invertebrates

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Yes they do molt .. :P

Snakes molt skin, but arthropods molt exoskeletons Snakes molt skin, but arthropods molt exoskeletons

yes they do molt. but only some birds do. one of these are penguins. ALL birds molt. Most molt once a year but some will molt a second time during breeding season.

Flatworms are in the Platyhelminthes Phylum

No they dont molt sorry

No. Think about it can humans molt?

No, they do not and can not molt. "Molt" means to shed hair, pythons (and moden reptile in general) have no hair.

No. Cows shed in the spring time, not molt. Birds molt, not cows or any other mammal.

Yes a panda molt as it grows because it's just like a baby or a puppiesNo, but by majority reptiles molt.No, but by majority reptiles molt.

Flatworms are important parasites for humans and animals.

Flatworms belong to the phylum platyhelminthes.

The scientific name for flatworms is Platyhelminthes.

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Yes Most Flatworms Are Parasitic.

Yes, Cats can be a host for flatworms.

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