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Not deliberately.

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Q: Do flavored condoms really have holes in them?
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What stores sells flavored condoms?

Google flavored condoms. Try or visit your local adult store.

Are there are condoms of butter scotch flavor?

There used to be, but the companies that make flavored condoms don't seem to have them anymore. The following companies make flavored condoms: Durex, Trustex, LifeStyles and Fantasy.

What brands have available flavored condoms?

Nearly every major condom manufacturer will have flavored versions available. These companies include Durex and Trustex. Flavors range from the usual fruit flavors, to chocolate, and even bacon flavored condoms.

What substances can create holes in latex condoms?

Sperm and vaginal juices

How do you say 'my condoms have holes in them' in German?

meine Kondome haben Löcher

Was there Ever really Honey flavored Lifesavers?


What are banana flavored condams?

They are banana shaped condoms that fit around the male penis if it has been misshaped into a banana. They also taste like strawberry.

What are silly bandzs made of?

it is made of used condoms. lol but its true really

What is silly bands really made out of?

used condoms

What is a fruit flavored Easter candy?

I really don't know?

Why should you have oral with a condom?

Flavored condoms for oral are more for protecting against the body fluid contact for transferring STDs. If the guy is clean then there shouldn't be a need for a condom.

How do you get a yiest infection?

Through a number of things :- poor immune system, tight inner wears, flavored condoms, perfumed soaps, unclean swimming pools etc