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Floor speakers can have very good sound quality. However, you need to do some research to ensure you are buying good quality and value for your money.

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Q: Do floor speakers have good sound quality?
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How can you tell if a car stereo is going to have good sound quality?

By the quality of sound coming from the speakers.

Are there powered car speakers or do you absolutely need an amplifier?

You should get a amplifier if you want good sound quality out of your speakers.

Which one these has best bass and clear sound?

Sony speakers have very good sound quality and use better components than most speakers.

Are Klipsch speakers good quality?

Compared to other speakers brand, the Klipsch speakers are more advanced and better. It provides good sound quality and way more advanced and versatile in components than any other brand.

Would Klipsch speakers make good audio monitors?

If the speakers sound good to you, that is all that matters as everyone is different. Klipsch will make you deaf with its quality.

Where might one purchase good quality home cinema speakers?

Good quality home cinema speakers can be bought at many electronics shops. These stores include Adorama, Smarthome, STO Sound & Vision and Saga Electronics. Amazon provides many good quality home cinema speakers as well.

Does the Pyle PT649D Cassette Deck give a realistic sound?

It will give a good sound, but be sure to match it with a quality reciever and speakers.

What are some good types of external laptop speakers?

The best external laptop speakers that I've come across are those made by Bose. The sound quality is superb and they also create a full sound that normally isn't achieved by small speakers.

Where can you get good quality speakers that will fit inside headphones I need them as I am making my own wooden headphone?

The highest quality headphones you can buy have the finest sound you will ever get from any headphones. Hence the best good quality speakers that you can get into headphones have already been invented - if you've got the money.

How good is the quality of Bose sounds system?

Bose has been known for high quality good sounding speakers and such. A lot of their products have high ratings on and reviewers who hae tried the product have said how good the sound quality is.

How do I learn audio engineering to improve the sound quality of my new stereo?

Audio engineering is a skilled trade and cannot be self learned. If you want to improve the sound quality of your equipment, invest in good quality speakers and not cheap ones.

What are some really good quality sound systems?

Bose speakers and sound systems are probably the best one can purchase. Even with the higher cost of a Bose system, the diference in sound quality is very much worth the extra money.