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they should

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Q: Do foreign golfers pay US taxes?
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Do you have to pay US taxes on a fellowship you received in a foreign country?


Are foreign embassy employees with income wages required to fiel income tax returns?

If a foreign embassy employee is a us citizen or a green card holder he has to file income tax return. If he is a us citizen he will pay both income tax and social security taxes . If he is a green card holder he is not required to pay social security taxes but he is required to pay income tax.

Do US olympic athletes pay taxes on their winnings?

no they do not have to pay taxes on their winnings.

Can wages earned overseas that are not subject to federal income tax be garnished for child support?

I've worked several overseas assignments. The US is one of the only countries that taxes foreign income so I can't imagine a situation where your foreign income would NOT be subject to US federal taxes. As such I would further suppose that it is therefore liabel to be garnished.I'm improving the previous answer: My husband worked overseas. He did not have to pay US federal taxes because he paid German taxes and a person cannot be double taxes on income. He still had to pay his child support obligation and it was garnished from his pay.

Does the US Congress pay taxes?

The members and people working in and for the US Congress pay taxes just like any American resident. However the body itself does not pay taxes.

If you put your money in an off shore bank account do you have to pay taxes on it?

Well generally, you pay taxes on income, not stores of wealth. If the account gains interests, you are supposed to pay taxes on that interest.If you file taxes in the US, you are supposed to file form TD F 90-22.1 by June 30th of any year that you have foreign financial accounts toally more than $10,000 US dollars (at dec 31st exchange rates). This is a wealth disclosure form that goes to the US treasury, not the IRS, and is not a statement of income.

Do we have to pay US federal tax on Australian share dividends that have imputation credits if we live in the US?

The US taxes the worldwide income of it's citizens.Essentially, where the money was made/invested makes no difference, other than any applicable credits for foreign taxes already paid on that income.

Do puerto ricans who work in US but are not citizens pay taxes in US?

All puerto ricans are us citizen since 1917 and if they live in the states they have to to pay federal taxes.

Does the US President have to pay Income Tax?

Yes. They pay taxes and publish what they pay.

Do Foreign Auto Mfgr's pay fed taxes on profits made in USA?

Depending on specific agreements made between the US and the other country...almost always yes. Just like US Cos pay on profits made in other countries.

Do you have to pay taxes in the US on income earned outside the US?


Why are taxes important to us?

taxes pay for all the public services such as education for an example.