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By using important equpment

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What tools do forensic scientists use to study evidence?

Forensic scientists use tools like microscopes, hair readers, and chemical readers to evaluate evidence from a crime.

What is forensic scientist do?

Forensic scientists analyze evidence at a crime scene. A forensic pathologist is different; they are the ones that examine the corpses.

What has the author C G G Aitken written?

C. G. G. Aitken has written: 'Statistics and the evaluation of evidence for forensic scientists' -- subject(s): Evidence, Expert, Expert Evidence, Forensic sciences, Forensic statistics, Statistical methods

What are the different types of evidence in a criminal case?

Examples of types of evidence include, but do not limit to: scientfic (forensic), direct evidence, circumstantial evidence, computer evidence, physical evidence, trace evidence, etc.

Why is it importany for forensic scientists to identify powders found at a crime scene?

It could be evidence.

How do forensic scientists use tools?

they use tools to a piece of evidence so it can help them

What is forensic?

Forensic is "any evidence submittable in a court of law", not just scientific evidence but is now used as a general term for scientific evidence for a crime. The term "lets get forensics in" that is commonly used on T.V actually suggests planting evidence! To be P.C. they should say "lets get the Forensic Scientists in"

What are forensic scientists who investigate murder called?

entomologists, forensic scientists, forensic psychologists

What are three things forensic scientists use DNA fingerprinting for?


What forensic scientists do?

The word "forensic" means "pertaining to the law"; forensic science resolves legal issues by applying scientific principles to them. Forensic scientists perform comprehensive chemical and physical analyses on evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies. Their work is often instrumental in apprehending and convicting criminals.

What evidence do forensic scientists need?

Blood slatters so they can tell how far it slpattered from and fingerprints and DNA of the person

How a forensic science service may be involved in the trial?

Forensics only get involved when they provide evidence. Sometimes investigators cant find out evidence by themselves so they ask highly professional forensic scientists to look for evidence and provide it to the court. btw not good info

How does law relate to forensics?

Forensics is the study of trace material, often at crime scenes, which are used in courts of law as evidence. Laws also regulate how forensic material is to be gathered and stored, and presented as evidence. Forensic evidence, in turn, is used to provide proof whether a law was broken, and by whom.

Why do particles matter to forensic scientists?

Particles matter to forensic scientists because particles can leave behind evidence of the criminal. Particles, only regarded as dust for example and not fibres etc hold great significance and can identify if a body has been moved etc, along with evidence such as livor mortis etc

What do forensic scientists get paid?


What are facts about forensic scientists?

forensic scientists can come as murder scene f.s. and many more

What do the forensic scientists wear?

forensic scientists wear goggles so nothing becomes contaminated.

Who can submit evidence in a forensic investigation?

i was just woundering who can submit evidence after a forensic investigation ?

What has the author Donald E Shelton written?

Donald E. Shelton has written: 'Forensic science in court' -- subject(s): Expert Evidence, Criminal Evidence, Forensic sciences 'Forensic science evidence' -- subject(s): Expert Evidence, Criminal Evidence, Forensic sciences

What does a forensic sciencetist?

they are scientists

Who do forensic scientists work for?

forensic scientists work for the government and other departments such as F.B.I and the C.I.A beniboy 2k9

How many types of forensic science jobs are there?

Crime Lab Analyst, Crime Scene Analyst, Criminalist, Crime Lab Director, DNA Analyst, Evidence Custodian, Firearms Custodian, Fingerprint Techinician, Forensic Autopsy Assistant, Forensic Biologist, Forensic Evidence Techinician, Forensic Scientist, Law Enforcement Training Officer, Latent Print Examiner, Latent Print Techinician, Toxicologist, Trace Analyst these are some jobs that i found.

How does a forensic scientist use math?

Forensic science is any branch of science used to analyze crime scene evidence for a court of law. All science uses math concepts and equations, and forensic scientists are well educated in mathematical concepts they use to analyze evidence from crime scenes.such as Measurements, Proportions, Trigonometry

Who trains forensic scientists?

Forensic science involves identifying the boundaries of a crime scene and understanding how to search the crime scene for evidence, like fingerprints. In my opinion, the best online school for forensic science would be American InterContinental University Online.

Who employs Forensic Scientists?

CSIRO might employ forensic scientists. They work with the Police, but not for the Police, so dont get confused with that.