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Do forest fires move faster downhill or uphill?

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Fires move fastest uphill because heat rises. Experiment: Light a match and hold it with the tip up and time how long it takes the flame to move halfway down the matchstick. Then light another match, hold it tip down and time how long it takes the flame to move halfway up the stick. Be careful not to burn yourself!
uphill, for an experiment look for "Do forest fires move faster uphill or down hill

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Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill?

uphill, for an experiment look for "Do forest fires move faster uphill or down hill

Do forest fires travel faster up hill or down hill south of equator?

Forest fires spread faster going up then going down.

Why does grass fires burn faster than forest fires?

Grass is shorter and forests are large.

Are forest fires in the US common?

Forest fires can happen anywhere

How do people contribute to forest fires?

Humans Contributing To Forest FiresPeople can contribute to forest fires by starting them. Many forest fires are begun because of human carelessness. Smoking, machines, recreation, and campfires are the main reasons humans begin forest fires.Natural Forest Fire CausesLightening and a mixture of drought/windy climates can result in forest fires.

When was Oh No Forest Fires created?

Oh No Forest Fires was created in 2007.

When did Oh No Forest Fires end?

Oh No Forest Fires ended in 2010.

What is he difference between natural forest fires and human made forest fires?

Obviously natural forest fires are caused by a natural force, such as lightning. Human made forest fires are caused by something man-made.

Where do forest fires happen?

In the forest

What would decrease population density fewer prediators or forest fires?

forest fires

What is endangering the forest?

forest fires and lumbering

How do forest fires spread?

forest fores spread when strong winds push the fires everywhere

Do forest fires produce carbon dioxide?

Yes, forest fires do produce carbon dioxide.

Are Forest fires and smoking related?

Forest fires can be caused by improperly discarded smoking materials.

What are the top states where forest fires occur?

Texas had over 50 forest fires in 2010

What damage can forest fires cause?

Forest fires caused a lot of damage such as loss of habitat for animals. Forest fires also damaged a lot of buildings and homes for humans.

How do forest fires get there names?

from fires in the forests! lol

How are some forest fires good?

Forest fires are good to clear out an accumulation of underbrush and also to provide nutrients to the remaining forest

Why are forest fires important?

forest fires are impotent because when the trees grow back they are healthier then before

What kinds of jobs protect people from forest fires?

anybody can stop or save people from forest fires

Which president helped put out forest fires?

there wasn't any president's that had helped out on puting out forest fires.

How do forest fires affect the climate?

forest fires affect the climate because plans trap The heat

Why should your friend know about forest fires?

Because the more he knows about forest fires the more likely he is to avoid and survive a forest fire.

When do forest fires happen?

When a fire is out of control in a forest.

What is the greatest threat to Canadian forest?

forest fires