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Yes, forest fires do produce carbon dioxide.

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Q: Do forest fires produce carbon dioxide?
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Do Factory's make carbon dioxide?

Only factories that use and burn coal produce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Forest fires and humans produce the most carbon dioxide.

Do forest fires release carbon dioxide?

Yes. Fires of any kind release Carbon Dioxide.

Would a forest fire affect the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Forest fires increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

How do forest fires release carbon dioxide?

The wood and leaves (or needles) of trees are made of carbon compounds. When they burn the carbon oxidizes to carbon dioxide.

In what two ways do forest fires contribute to the rise of carbon dioxide?

They release carbon dioxide when they burn.The burnt trees are no longer available to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

What is the most prolific producer of carbon dioxide?

Plant and animal waste decay is the largest producer of carbon dioxide. Forest fires and volcanoes is another huge source. Then the burning of fossil fuels is the greatest man made contributor. There is less carbon dioxide in the summer as plants use it to produce oxygen.

What are the uses of carbon dioxide?

The following r the uses of carbon dioxide:- 1) carbon dioxide is used to produce aerated cold beverages. 2) carbon dioxide is used to produce dry ice. 3) carbon dioxide is used to extinguish fires. 4) carbon dioxide is used to make washing soda. 5) carbon dioxide is used to produce sodium bicarb(baking powder). 6) plants make their own food by using carbon dioxide.

What percentage of carbon dioxide emissions are produced by forest fires?

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted each year varies according to the amount of forest burnt. However, there is no net increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from forest fires, as long as the forests are allowed to recover and regrow.AnswerVery little, compared to human emissions. It's hard to say exactly... It is 25.687%, approximately, it is 25.7%it is 25.687%

What are natural causes of carbon dioxide?

natural forest fires decomposition cellular respiration hope that helps

Is global warming caused by forest fires?

No. Although forest fires contribute to some degree, the primary cause of global warming is believed to be carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels.

Explain how carbon dioxide is able to control fires?

Carbon dioxide is able to control fires because it has the ability to put them out. Fires need oxygen to survive.

Do forest fires cause climate changes?

Forest fires release a lot of carbon dioxide that was being stored in the trees. This adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. On the other hand, large amounts of smoke from forest fires can block the rays of the sun for a time, causing a temporary cooling.

What is the proper use for a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?

The only proper use of a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is to put out fires. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should only be pointed at fires and used on fires. Thank you, have a good day.

Do forest fires cause acid rain?

Yes, they do. Every forest fire produces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which combines with rain to make carbonic acid and sulfuric acid. All natural rain is acidic. Acidic rain is not a new phenomenon. It can be found frozen 500 feet down in the glaciers in the arctic. Every lightning bolt ionizes nitrogen in the atmosphere to produce nitric acid. Lightning causes forest fires and forest fires produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide combines with water in the atmosphere to make carbonic acid. Forest fires and volcanoes produce hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide combine with water to make sulfuric acid. There are about eighteen hundred thunderstorms on earth occurring as you read this. There are about 80 forest fires at any time in the United States alone. All fauna emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Mount Saint Helens produced more sulfuric acid than all industry in the United States in the past one hundred years. Mount Krakatau that exploded in May 1883 is still spewing out more hydrogen sulfide every day than Mount Saint Helens ever did. Many other volcanoes are generating sulfuric acid every day. Anaerobic bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide. Compared to nature, acid from industry is probably less than 5 percent of the total.

Does fire produce carbon dioxide?

yes, fire gives off carbon dioxide and takes in oxygen Additional answer It does rather depend on what it is that's burning in the fire. A fire that's entirely hydrogen burning would not produce carbon dioxide. Where would the carbon come from? Likewise, magnesium burning would not produce any.

Why do we use carbon dioxide?


Why does carbon dioxide kill fires?

Because fires need oxygen to be able to burn. If you replace the oxygen around the fire with carbon dioxide, it will die.

Why do fire extinguishers have carbon dioxide when fire is made out of carbon dioxide?

Fire is not made out of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a product of fire. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and some flammable substance. Since most flammable materials contain carbon, most fires will produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is completely non-flammable and can cut a fire off from its supply of oxygen.

What does fire produce?

Fire produces:energy (heat, light)carbon dioxide (for most fires)watersmokeparticulateshydrocarbon emissionscarbon soot

How does carbon dioxide gets in the air?

From combustion- this can be natural as in forest fires, bush fires or man made for example internal combustion engines, power stations. It is also breathed out by animals.

What 3 processes release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?

Burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2).Wild fires, forest fires and bush fires, as well as the burning of biomass, that is, recently grown vegetation.Natural decay of dead trees and vegetation.

Does a fire give off carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?

Either of those compounds can be produced by a fire. A well oxygenated fire will produce carbon dioxide, but if there is an inadequate oxygen supply, there will carbon monoxide. Many fires produce a mixture of both. For example, there is both carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the smoke that people inhale from their cigarettes (and this is one of the reasons why cigarettes are so extremely bad for your health).

Top 5 producers of carbon dioxide emissions?

burning fossil fuels, forest fires & volcanoes, animal decays and think for 2 more

Does fire need carbon dioxide to burn?

No. Fire need fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. Carbon dioxide is a product of most fires and can actually be used to put fires out.

Would fire extinguishers that produce carbon dioxide gas be more effective for fighting ground fires or ceiling fires?

Ground fires. CO2 is heavier than our air and would therefore fall to the ground when released.