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AAS degrees are designed for students who plan to enter the workforce right after graduating. You can go to a 4-year college after getting an AAS degree, but you will still have to complete 4 years of classes. I'm not sure what an AAS degree is but you can transfer certain classes from a community college to a four year college. You might not get all the credits to transfer but you can get a lot of the basic classes transferred. If you are going to a four year college for a particular degree they want you to take the specific classes for that degree at their school. In most instances an AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree will transfer in whole or part to a four-year university. Some four-year colleges even have agreements with community colleges allowing for seamless transfers. Nevertheless, it is important to check with both institutes guidelines for the transferring of credits. Yes I agree with the last above contributor. There are many AAS degrees that are fully transferable to four year institutions, however as the above contributor has stated, you must check with both institutions particular to your program of study. Community colleges today have special articulations with four year institutions. Some of them are known as Joint Admissions Programs, while others are called Dual Admissions Programs. In any event, ask for all the articulations they have with four year schools.

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Q: Do four-year universities accept transfer students with AAS degrees from community colleges?
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Why do community colleges accept all students but not universities?

Community colleges do not have an application process like universities do. They are not selective because, as their name might suggest, they are there to educate the community, which is also why they are much cheaper than universities. It may also have to do with the fact that community colleges do not receive as much funding as universities, so they need more students to enroll so they can meet their revenue minimums.

How are colleges and universities established for African American students known today?

Historically black colleges and universities

What colleges can you get into with a 3.2 GPA?

Most public universities will accept in-state students who graduate from high school with a 3.2 GPA. Community colleges also accept this GPA.

Do you need to do communtiy service to get into a community college?

Assuming that all community colleges are the same, no. Community colleges are considered junior colleges, and not the same as universities or other four year institutions. Most students transfer out of community college after their first two years. In general, community colleges accept anyone, and everyone. Therefore, no, you do not need community service to get into a community college.

What has the author Jeffrey A Groen written?

Jeffrey A. Groen has written: 'In-state versus out-of-state students' -- subject(s): Students, Admission, State universities and colleges, Universities and colleges, Out-of-state students

Which private universities accept transfer students from community colleges?

Most all community colleges have the preferred regional accreditation. Therefore, the coursework and degree you complete through the community college system are recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers. How many credits can be transferred always depends on the receiving institution, their transfer credit policy, the specific program of study, and grades received.

How to Get a Good Education At Community Colleges?

If you compare tuition rates of community colleges to universities, community colleges will win hands down. However, the education you receive at community colleges may not stack up to the education you receive from their competitors. So, how can you ensure that you get a good education while still attending community college? • If you plan on attending a four-year university after community college, than you should call that university and inquire which community colleges they accept the majority of their students from. If there is a community college close to your house, but the university you want to attend doesn’t really accept a lot of their students, then it is worth driving a little bit further to the community college they do accept from. • Community colleges offer honors programs just like universities do. So, inquire about those classes, and enroll in any honor class that you are qualified for. Honors classes at a community college can prepare you for what it would be like to take higher level classes at a university. • Know your math and English materials. Many community colleges, like universities, require their new students to take math and English placement exams. If you do not score well on those exams, you will be required to take lower level courses which do not apply toward your anticipated degree. This can hold you back from transferring to a university for up to a year in some cases. • Get ready to hit the books. Just because you are in community college does not mean you can slack off. Universities look at your community college grades, just as they did your high school grades, when deciding if you meet their requirements. Consequently, universities look more positively on those transfer students who earned good grades in their freshman and sophomore years at community colleges. So, while community colleges may not stack up to a university in every way possible, there are some great opportunities that are available to students who attend community colleges. Take advantage of them and you will be successful when it comes time to transfer to a university.

Should community college transfer students take the SAT?

Typically, four year colleges and universities do not require the SAT after one completes an associates degree.

What has the author Sherida T Armstrong written?

Sherida T. Armstrong has written: 'Marketing the community college' -- subject(s): College publicity, Marketing research, Public relations, College students, Recruiting, Community colleges, Universities and colleges

How many students attend colleges and universities in the US?

58.2 million

Who pays for public colleges and universities?

Students must pay to attend.

Can go college after high school?

community colleges will usually accept students even if they have yet to complete high school and are not currently attending, universities however are different.

Does Stanford accept students from community colleges?


When do colleges advertise for students?

Colleges and universities are continuously in a recruitment mode. It is an ongoing effort on the part of all schools.

What term is used today to mean the colleges that were started for African American students?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

What is the purpose of Christian colleges?

Christian colleges are religous based universities aimed at enrolling students who prefer to attend a faith based university. All students are encouraged to attend Christian colleges, not just Christian faith students.

Where can I find english grammar jobs?

The best way is to post advertisements in your local community center as well as posting advetisements in universities and colleges. College students are in need of tutors.

Which college classes can you take without GED?

Many community colleges will allow students to take a couple classes without a high school diploma or GED equivalency. However, most colleges and universities will not count these classes towards a degree.

How many universities in china?

In the country of China, there are more than 2,000 colleges. It is estimated that there are over 6 million students in these colleges.

In the early 1960s few colleges and universities had strict curfews for female students?

false they DID have very strict curfews for female students

Is citizenship needed to get into Harvard?

No. It's common for universities and colleges to admit some foreign students.

Is there a Hillel affiliation on campus?

Hillel is a Jewish Program for Jewish students, and MOST colleges and universities have them.

What is the point of ACT testing?

The point of ACT testing is for colleges and universities to determine whether or not students are mentally qualified to attend their institutions. Most universities requires students to take the ACT exam.

What Colleges are most likely to accept students with a 2.2 GPA?

Community colleges are the most likely to accept students with a 2.2 GPA. Also, vocational colleges are likely to accept a student with a 2.2.GPA.

Are AP courses college level courses?

Yes, colleges and universities see them as equivalent if the student passes the AP with the required score. Many colleges and universities will apply AP courses toward the students degree.

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