Do four-year universities accept transfer students with AAS degrees from community colleges?

AAS degrees are designed for students who plan to enter the workforce right after graduating. You can go to a 4-year college after getting an AAS degree, but you will still have to complete 4 years of classes. I'm not sure what an AAS degree is but you can transfer certain classes from a community college to a four year college. You might not get all the credits to transfer but you can get a lot of the basic classes transferred. If you are going to a four year college for a particular degree they want you to take the specific classes for that degree at their school. In most instances an AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree will transfer in whole or part to a four-year university. Some four-year colleges even have agreements with community colleges allowing for seamless transfers. Nevertheless, it is important to check with both institutes guidelines for the transferring of credits. Yes I agree with the last above contributor. There are many AAS degrees that are fully transferable to four year institutions, however as the above contributor has stated, you must check with both institutions particular to your program of study. Community colleges today have special articulations with four year institutions. Some of them are known as Joint Admissions Programs, while others are called Dual Admissions Programs. In any event, ask for all the articulations they have with four year schools.