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Do foxes eat skunk?

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NO, because the smell is very bad and is not a delitcy to them

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Would a skunk eat a butterfly?

maybe a skunk will eat a butterflyt it depends on which skunk.

What eats a skunk?

Skunks are prey for large carnivores such as lynx and cougar. They are also are prey for owls at any size. It should be noted that skunk are a last choice prey item and no carnivores depend on skunks to sustain their populations.something that eats a skunk is foxes and coyotes and such.dogsbadgerswolverineswolvesalligators and crocodilesbearspumasbobcatslynxpeopleowlsSome animals that will eat skunk include coyote, red foxes, cougars, and wolves. Aerial predators include some species of owls and hawks.Foxes, bears, lions, large owls and other large birds of prey eat skunk. A skunk isn't a wanted prey though.

Do foxes eat other kinds of other foxes?

No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

do foxes eat ferrets?

Foxes primarily eat prairie dogs.

Do foxes eat human?

No, foxes do not eat humans.

Do foxes eat themselves?

No, foxes do not eat themselves.

Do foxes eat elephants?

No, foxes do not eat elephants.

Do chickens eat foxes?

No, but foxes will eat chickens.

Do foxes eat skunks?

yes. foxes do eat skunks

Do foxes eat rabbit?

yes!foxes do eat rabbits

Do foxes eat deers?

No foxes dont eat deer.

Do foxes eat grasshoppers?

yes foxes do eat grasshoppers :)

Do Kangaroos eat foxes?

No. There are no species of kangaroos which eat foxes.

Do foxes eat bunnies?

Yes, foxes will eat rabbits.

Do foxes eat grouse?

Yes, foxes will eat grouse.

Do rattlesnakes eat foxes and coyotes?

No. Foxes and coyotes are too big for rattlesnakes to eat.

Do bears eat skunk?

Not usually. The smell of the skunk keeps most carnivores away from this animal. The only thing that may eat a skunk is a vulcher and the skunk would need to be dead already.

What do black foxes hunt?

There is no such thing as black foxes - they are red foxes but with a black coat, therefore they eat what red foxes eat.

Do Kittiwakes eat Arctic foxes?

No, Kittiwakes eat marine organisms and do not eat foxes.

Do Arctic foxes eat ermine?

Arctic foxes and red foxes will kill and eat ermine occasionally.

Does a raccoon eat a skunk?

No, unless it is a baby skunk it is unlikely that a raccoon would attempt to eat a skunk. Raccoons generally try to avoid confrontations with skunks.

What does Red foxes eat?

Red foxes eat primarily meat.

Do foxes eat partridges?

Yes, foxes will eat partridges, if they can catch them.

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