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No, fraternal twins do not have the same fingerprints, because everyone no matter what has different fingerprints. not even twins.

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Are fraternal twins never the same sex?

Fraternal twins can be the same sex or opposite sexes. It doesn't matter.

Why do identical twins have exactly the same fingerprints?

Identical twins don't have the same fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique to every person, even twins!

The DNA fingerprints of fraternal twins will be the same?

No, faternal twins are created from two different egg cells. They have some similar genetic information however. Indentical twins on the other hand, would have identical fingerprints since they are created within one egg cell.

Do fraternal twins come from the same egg?

No, identical twins do, but fraternal twins come from 2 separate eggs.

What are fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins are two siblings that have the same birth day, but do not look identical.

Why don't identical twins have the same fingerprints?

Identical twins do not have the same fingerprints even though they are created from the same egg. The reason for this is that fingerprints are not formed from genetics.

What is the difference between fraternal and identical twins?

identical twins are born at the same time AND look the same l. Fraternal twins are born at the same time but do not look identical..

Can faternal twins be the same gender?

They can be. While identical twins always have to be the same gender, fraternal twins usually are not. However this is not always the case. Identical twins occur because they inhabit the same egg. Fraternal twins because two eggs were fertilized at the same time. So fraternal twins could be the same gender, but usually they are of the opposite gender.

Do fraternal or identical twins have the same DNA?

Identical twins do not have the same DNA; it is quite similar, but not exact. fraternal twins are no more similar than sibling likenesses.

Are fraternal twins identical?

No that's why theyre called fraternal twins. Identical twins are identical (share the exact same genes) while fraternal twins are as similar to each other as normal siblings are.

Do fraternal twins have the same genotype?

No, the genotype of fraternal twins is no more similar than any two siblings.

What is the difference identical and fraternal twins?

Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg; fraternal twins come from 2 fertilized eggs.

Why do fraternal twins have their own placenta?

Fraternal twins are really two siblings who happen to be born at the same time from the same mother. They each have their on placenta.

What is it called when twins are different genders?

Fraternal twins. Fraternal twins can be the same gender too, but since they are produced from two eggs from the mother, they are not identical.

Why are identical twins and fraternal twins not the exact same?

Identical twins are formed from a single egg that splits into two. Fraternal twins are formed from two separate eggs that are both separately fertilized. So identical twins have identical DNA, and fraternal twins do not.

Do twins have different fingerprints?

Yes. Two people cannot have the same fingerprints. Not even identical twins have exactly matched fingerprints. <3

Are fraternal twins the same gender?

Fraternal twins can be either boys or girls, or a combination of one girl, one boy. They are different from identical twins, who share the same DNA and must be the same gender. Fraternal twins have their own unique DNA and while they may look similar, they are not identical in appearance.

What are unidentical twins called?

How do fraternal twins form? Answer one egg from each ovary is fertilized.

Why can twins look the same but aren't the same height length or weight?

Twins can either be identical or fraternal.Identical twins are obviously identical, and fraternal twins aren't. Fraternal twins are still born at the same time, hence the name "twins", but they do not look exactly alike. It is perfectly plausible for fraternal twins to look the same, but not be identical. Many fraternal twins appear to be identical, but are really not.Also, even identical twins don't stay the same height/weight their whole lives. Their height and weight would depend on their diet and exercise. If one was an active, healthy, person, and the other was a couch potato, they both wouldn't always be the same weight just because they are twins.

Is the DNA in twins the same?

In identical twins, the DNA is identical, which is what makes them identical. In Fraternal twins it is not.

What is another name for fraternal twins?

Another name for fraternal twins is dizygotic twins.

How do dizygotic twins occur?

Two separate eggs are fertilized. Dizygotic twins are the same as fraternal twins.

What is twins developing from the same egg cell called?

identical twins, as opposed to fraternal.

What percentage of twins are fraternal?

There is no precise percentage of fraternal or identical twins but it is estimated that 2/3 of all twins are fraternal where as 1/3 of twins are identical.

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