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no you dont, you have a choice to live on or off of school campus

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no as long as Ur with more then one person and on time 4 lessons

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It depends on the rules of the college that you attend.

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Warren Towers, Towers

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Q: Do freshmen have to live on campus at the University of Michigan?
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Can a public university make you live on campus?

Yes, they can. The University of South Carolina, for example, requires all freshmen to live in campus housing.

Are freshmen required to live on campus at NC A and t if they live within driving distance?

You should inquire at the university for a final answer. If freshmen are required to live on campus, I would speculate that freshmen actually living with NC resident parents/spouses within driving distance would *not* be required to live on campus. They would be classified as commuters or day students.

Are freshmen required to live on campus at university of south Florida?

Yes unless you live less than a certain amont of miles away

Does Fresno State Let Freshmen Live In The Campus?

NO On perhaps but not in

Why must freshmen live on campus at University of South Carolina?

The stated reason on their website is that they have found that students who live in campus housing their freshman year are much more likely to successfully complete college than those who do not.

What is the cost for commuting to Princeton University?

Princeton University is not a commuter school. Freshmen are required to live in dorms on campus, with a few exceptions. For example, for security reasons, Imelda Marcos, daughter of the Philippine President, was permitted to live off-campus during her Freshman year.

Do freshman have to live on campus if they go to a university in Georgia?

It's a common requirement for freshmen at most universities. The main exception is if the student already lives in the school's city.

In Biola University must freshmen live in the dorm?


Do freshman at Oklahoma State University have to live on campus?

No, you do not have to but most people choose to. After freshmen year many people move into homes or apartments around campus but plenty choose to live in dorms again. Some people who live close enough even commute.

What is the percentage of students living on campus?

The University of Chicago, a private college that enrolls approximately 5,000 students, requires Freshmen to live on-campus and on-campus housing is guaranteed to all other students. This means that roughly 60% of all undergraduates live on-campus.

Do all students have to live on campus at the University of Florida?

No, many students live off campus and commute.

Where does the university students live?

University students live in dormitories, in off-campus apartments, and at home.