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Do frogs drink from their skin?

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A characteristic of all amphibians is permeable skin. They do have the ability to absorb water through their skin. It is called cutaneous absorption. It is very uncommon to observe frogs drinking water orally. Their primary means of hydrating is by absorbing water, rather than drinking it. Thus, frogs can "drink" through their skin.

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Do frogs drink water?

No, frogs do not drink water. Frogs absorb water through their skin.

How do frogs drink?

Frogs do not drink, they absorb water through their porous skin.

Do frogs drink and breathe through their skin or mouth?

Frogs breathe throw their skin

Do frogs drink from their butts?

No, they drink through their skin.

How do frogs and toads drink?

frogs and toads do not drink they absorb water through thier skin

Do frogs and toads drink water through skin?

Frogs rarely drink with their mouths. Rather, they "drink" through their skin. A "seat pouch" on their bellies absorbs water.

Why don't frogs drink water?

Frogs don't need to drink water they can absorb it through their skin.

What fizzy drink do frogs drink?

Frogs do not drink fizzy drinks. In fact, they don't really "drink" at all. They absorb water through their skin.

How do frogs drink water to survive?

they absorb it with there skin.

Do dwarf African frogs drink water?

Frogs never drink through their mouths, they use their skin to soak up water.

Which animal can drink through skin on its belly?

Isn't it frogs?

Why do frogs never drink water?

They absorb it threw their skin

What do green tree frogs drink?

so firstly they supposedly drink through their skin and drink water.

Why don't frogs need to drink?

They absorb water through their skin.

Why is water so important to frogs?

first of all frogs reproduce in water. they also need water to drink, but instead of swallowing the water frogs absorb it into their skin.

Do frogs have moist skin?

Yes frogs have moist skin.

What is frogs skin like?

a frogs skin is moist and slimy

What unique about the skin of a frog?

Frogs can breathe and drink through their skin. A frog's skin needs to stay moist or else it can suffocate. This is why a frog's skin often feels slimy to the touch.

Do frogs have scaley skin?

Frogs have wet, moist skin. Their skin is not scaly, but it is smooth.

How do amphibians get oxygen through their skin?

Frogs have very special skin, they drink and breathe through it. Instead they absorb most of the moisture they need through their skin. frogs get oxygen through their skin when it's moist, they need to take care of their skin or they might suffocate. you'll find frogs that are slimy. This is because the frog skin secretes a mucus that helps keep it moist. Even with the slimy skin, these frogs need to stay near water. Toads on the other hand have tougher skin that doesn't dry out as fast, so they can live farther from water than most frogs.

How do frogs shed their skin?

frogs shed their skin by keeping it warm

Why do frogs depend on water?

Well some frogs depend on water like in lakes a ponds because they find food in there. Its also a hidding place for them. Plus frogs drink water through their skin.

What do frogs drink?

they drink water

Do frogs drink?

Yes they do drink

Do frogs have smooth skin?

Yes. Frogs have smooth skin which is slippery and delicate.