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Q: Do fruit flavored Mentos react to soda the same as mint Mentos?
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Does Skittles make root beer explode?

No, mentos (mint not flavored mentos)make root beer "explode" not skittles.

What make's mento's and pop explode?

The chemical reaction causes the Diet Coke to foam at a rapid rate and "explode" into the air. Mint is used instead of fruit-flavor Mentos because fruit flavored Mentos have a smooth coating which slows the reaction.

Why does coke and mint Mentos react?

It makes big boom boom! ;)

How many flavors of Mentos are there?

green apple, cinnamon, strawberry, tropical fruit, grape, wintergreen, grapefruit, peach and spearmint liquorice-flavored orange, strawberry, and lemon and mint.

What are all the 5 react gum flavors?

There are just REACT: Fruit and REACT: Mint out. React fruit is a mix of citrus fruits and REACT Mint is like Solstice (Wintergreen) but a bit hotter.

What are so cool science fair experiments?

well you can experiment which type of mentos will make a soda explosian go higher for example you can say what is the effect of the flavor of mentoes on how high the soda you can test one strawberry flavored mentos on a boddle of coke and some mint flavored mentos on a bottle of coke

What ingreidients in Mentos?

sugar and flavouring to the fruit ones and sugar and minty stuff to the mint ones

Why does the soda explode when you put Mentos in it?

when the Mentos hits the surface of the coke, the compressed carbon dioxide forms bubble on the surface of the Mentos. and it is released into the air and pushes the coke out with it. the Mentos can be mint or fruit (I have tested both)

What kind of Mentos do you put in the Diet Coke to make it go BOOM BOOM?

Regular mint-flavored mentos wrapped in the cylinder package about the width of a quarter would probably work the best.

How many flavors of 5 gum are there?

There are 15: Cobalt (Peppermint) Rain/Electro (Spearmint) Lush/Pulse (Tropical) Prism/Tempest (Watermelon) Elixir (Berry) Flare (Cinnamon) Solstice (Wintermint) React Fruit (Fruit) React Mint (Mint) React Fruit 2 (Fruit) React Mint 2 (Mint) Vortex (Green Apple) Mutant (Blueberry) Evolution (Citrus/Pear) Zing (Bubble)

Do different brands of soda react with different heights of explosion when the same number of mint mentos are added?


How do you get a mint out of your throat?

With a handful of mentos

What does 5 react taste like?

fruit: like pulse but better mint: disgusting

How do you make mint flavored gum?

Find a package of gum and take it out. Then you have mint flavored gum! Ta Da!

What is a minty flavored herb?

How about mint?!

What are the flavors of 5 gum?

Zing rain elixer Flair lush Solstice prism Cobalt react fruit React mint

What type of soda and Mentos will fill a plastic container more?

Diet Coke and mint Mentos

What moshling on Moshi Monsters has mint flavored skin?

Slurpy the Lickity Lizard is the moshling on Moshi Monsters that has mint flavored skin.

Does tropical Mentos and cola zero make a better explotion then using mint Mentos?

they both work

Can you use dry mint for tea?

sure, if you like your tea mint flavored

What materials are needed for coke and Mentos?

you need a big diet coke bottle and regular mint flavoured mentos.

Which herbs are best for teas?

Mint flavored herbs

How many different types of Mentos are there?

friut, mint, and regular

What is the ingredients of mint Mentos?

buy some and read the wrapper

What can you mix with diet soda to make it expload?

Mint Mentos.