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Do galaxies ever crash into each other?

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Yes, there have been many that have collided over the thousands of years. As a matter of fact, it is predicted that our own galaxy will collide with our neighbor galaxy in the future.

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Does galaxies ever crash into each other?

Yes, some galaxies clide into each other because of the black holes that are in the middle of every galaxy.There has been a prediction that our galaxy will collide into another galaxy very close to us in about 3 million years.When the galaxies do collide into each other, they create a super nova.A super nova is a HUGE explosion of fire and flames.After the super nova, the 2 black holes in the middle of the galaxies will combine with each other and create an even BIGGER black hole.It's very interesting.Hope this helps.

Have space explorers ever been to other galaxies?

Not Human explorers.

Will Pluto and Neptune ever crash?

No, even though their orbits appear to cross, they will not crash into each other. This is because Neptune and Pluto are basically synchronized, with Neptune controlling Pluto's orbit.

Do galaxies ever meet?

Yes. Galaxies do sometimes collide.

Does Hubble's law apply from another galaxy?

Hubble's Law applies from everywhere in the Universe. In the broad sense, where ever you are other galaxies are moving away from the galaxy you are in proportionally to its distance from you. This is not an exact science because galaxies are gravitationally influenced by other galaxies and clusters but on average it is true.

Do other galaxies have planets as well?

Probably yes, even though no one has ever found any.

What is the actual motion of a star?

Each star moves around the center of the galaxy it belongs to, in circular motion. But since all galaxies in the the universe are moving away from each other that will unravel the repeated circles of rotation of the star around its galaxy center into helical path on an imaginary cylinder surface ever increasing in height in one direction outward and away from all other galaxies.

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Will you ever go to other galaxies?

People have never been known to have ever visited other galaxies. With recent technological advantages, going to another galaxy may be possible in the future. As people have never manned a space trip to any space body besides the moon, the probability of traveling to another galaxy remains low, though not impossible. Also, as time goes by some galaxies are moving closer to the Milky-way galaxy, so traveling to foreign galaxies may become a higher probability. So... it is possible in the future. You never know... if people in those other galaxies exist, they may visit us first!

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What is the study of astronomy?

Space and the galaxies. It is the main science ever discovered.

Will there ever be a collision between your galaxy and another?

Yes, my galaxy is the Milky Way and it is going to collide with Andromeda. Cannot answer for people living in other galaxies.

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