Do gas clouds kill crops

Updated: 9/22/2023
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yes because the gas kills the roots and moves up the polant

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Q: Do gas clouds kill crops
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Would the gas clouds from volcanoes kill crops around?

Yes it would almost instantily

Are Clouds gas or liquid or solid?

clouds are a gas

Does Jupiter has any gas clouds?

Jupiter is a gas planet so i does have alot of gas clouds

Why is the clouds important?

Clouds sometimes bring the rains, to grow crops, for us to eat.

What are the gas in the clouds?

In atmospheric clouds: water.

Are there gas clouds in the Milky Way?

Yes, there are huge clouds of hydrogen gas, called nebulae.

Is clouds a liquid solid or gas?


Is clouds a solid liquid or gas?


The first stars formed in clouds of?

Clouds of dust and gas.

Are clouds considered gases?

yes clouds are considered a gas in the science study solid,liquid and gas

What best describes the composition of a nebula as the Crab Nebula?

clouds of dust and gas

How were chemical attacks used in World War 1?

Canisters of poison gas were launched into enemy positions so that the clouds would kill or injure soldiers