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Q: Do general practitioners use science in their jobs?
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What are jobs that use science?


Does a cook use math or science in their jobs?

no a cook use neither

What jobs would you use science for?

a teacher, scientist, doctor, or a nurse.

What jobs use qualitative analysis?

teacher and general scientists

What jobs use chemistry and biology?

NursePediatricianFood TechnologistDoctorOphthalmologistDentistsOptometristAstronautsAeronautical EngineerChemical EngineerComputer EngineerMidwifePhysician

What is the use of technical communications?

Practitioners use technical communications to research and document technical processes or products. It is a important method for practitioners to use.

How do use mesosphere in a sentence?

In pretty much the same way you'd use lithosphere, atmosphere, stratosphere, and other Earth Science or general science terminology.

What are five jobs that use science?

Medical researcher, astronaut, teacher, professional athlete, forest ranger

What could we achieve if we knew how to use the knowledge of science?

Many jobs, such as Scientists, Doctors, and much more.

What scientific jobs use corrosive chemicals?

Government Worker, Chemist and toilet cleaners:)

What jobs use terminating decimals and how do they use them in their job?

Probably any that use mathematics - so anything in science and engineering, economics, finance, statistics....

What careers can a bachelor of science degree be use for?

"A bachelors degree in science can be used for a variety of jobs. You could land a job in a laboratory, and you could also substitute for schools in science teaching positions."