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Do girls like big muscles?


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2010-01-31 01:16:40
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It depends on what the girls intrests are in a guy or what kinda guy the girl is looking for.

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for girls, big muscles =]

Yes, definately! Strong guys with big muscles is a turn on to girls. Girls think it's sexy!

As far as I know, girls like boys who have muscles and are fit, I, as a girl, like slim but with slight muscles. I don't know how other girls feel about that.

ya of course and tight abs and make sure u don't get too big

Big muscles and a cute face

It depends if the the guy likes muscles. He may like other things in girls such as hair, personality etc. All guys like different things.

they like their muscles attitude and how they look

Intelligence is attractive as long as it is combined with masculinity.

It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

hair or chest or muscles

it's either to Justin if he like girls with big imaginations

Nope, every girl is different. Some want boys with big hearts and others want boys with big muscles. So it depends what girl you are talking about.

Girls like when guys are toned but not "body-builder" muscular. Some like them more than others.

Cause it is sexier and a lot hotter. It is also better for butt slaps.

yes most like them big as long as they are not to big

he says "I like girls with big fat titties I like girls with big vaginas"

Not all girls like guys with big buts but some do cause It can be real cute

Not necessarily. Some women might find it attractive, but certainly not all. I for one do not like men with big muscles. I mean, I don't like big fat slobs, either. I just prefer a guy with more of a runner's build: tall and lanky. Physically fit, but not big and bulky, like a bodybuilder. Actually, I think big bodybuilder muscles are really disgusting. Human beings were not meant to look like that.

Chris Brown like girls with big butt

big muscles, nice smile, sexy and hot, 10 centimetre penis, not a big nose, good teeth, good kisser, and goes for younger girls

To have big muscles. To have big muscles.

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